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What color is the sky in your world?



What color is the sky in your world?

A Darkening Sky

Sometimes you start looking into something and what you find can catch you by surprise. The Democrat’s meltdown over a call, that does not seem to contain what they alleged initially, made me curious. So I fired up my internet connection.

When after six or so weeks of reading, watching and searching, something very strange happened. It seems Oliver Stone, Glenn Beck and I came to a significant number of the same conclusions. Being that we all approach world events from a different perspective, this seemed significant to me. You can feel free to review the links above for context and details, but the common themes are:

  • The U.S. State Department and their associated NGOs (USAID, Freedom House, NED and others) have given significant money to George Soros funded organizations in Ukraine.
  • The U.S. State Department developed a program called Tech Camps to teach people in other nations how to use technology, tools and media to form protest movements.
  • These movements and media outlets also received funding from U.S. agencies and Soros related NGOs
  • Our diplomats and members of Congress took active measures to support the Maidan protesters in Ukraine and depose the government of Viktor Yanukovych.
  • Members of our diplomatic corps took a leading role in determining who would be in the government of Ukraine following the Maidan Revolution and took a heavy-handed approach to the formation of new institutions.
  • This is not the first time the State Department engaged in this behavior and there are serious indications our embassies are undertaking similar activities in other nations right now.

Storm Clouds Gather

Some of what I discovered independently made me simultaneously angry and disgusted. The confirmation I got through the additional sources provided by Stone and Beck were enough to make me look harder. That is where I stumbled upon the so-called “Color Revolutions” during previous administrations. They had a similar pattern to what we witnessed in Ukraine, Egypt, Syria and Libya as well as the Arab Spring. Then I found something that stopped me cold.

In an academic review of the color revolutions of the early 2000s, seven factors for success were identified and attributed by Michael McFaul. You may recall, McFaul was President Obama’s ambassador to Russia and the architect of the Russian “reset” policy. The factors are:

  1. A semi-autocratic rather that fully autocratic regime
  2. An unpopular incumbent
  3. A united and organized opposition
  4. An ability to quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified
  5. Enough independent media to inform citizens about the falsified vote
  6. A political opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud
  7. Divisions among the regimes coercive forces

Sound Familiar?

To me it looked like the manual used by Democrats and the media following the 2016 election. The Chief Executive has been pitted against his own Executive agencies due to the Russia probe. The media is endlessly trying to convince us that Trump is autocratic. The ridiculous assertion that a few thousand dollars worth of memes on Facebook makes President Trump’s election invalid won’t die. And mobilizations have been ongoing since Inauguration Day with participants being able to take on the clear mantle of the #Resistance.

Then it resurfaced in 2018. Democrats would have you believe that Stacey Abrams is the rightful Governor of Georgia. They questioned elections in Florida where Republicans won as well. There is a consistent drumbeat to reduce confidence in the validity of our elections so they can be controlled at the federal level. This became clear in legislation the Democrats dubbed the “For the People Act”. The primary goal of this legislation is to take the power to govern elections away from the states.

The Endless Headwinds

The performative defense for Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss was developed in the wee hours of her loss according to the book Shattered about her campaign. Russian interference then morphed into accusations of Russian collusion. This became the de facto narrative for more than two years, bolstered by members of the intelligence and law enforcement communities. This narrative was also robustly amplified by the media. On July 24, 2019, the narrative blew apart with the testimony of Robert Mueller.

Today I am listening to the dumpster fire, also known as the Congressional testimony of Ambassador Sondland. I am also watching Democrats desperate to tie the President’s actions in Ukraine to Russia and a host of crimes articulated in the federal criminal code. The intent is clear.

The drive to paint the President as the illegitimate tool of a foreign government desperate to rig the 2020 election continues. The compliant media is breathlessly reporting “bombshells” contained in the testimony of a man who appears more confused than convincing. The Democrats are desperately working on elements one, two, five and seven listed above in a brazen attempt to nullify the votes of 63 million Americans with an election than a year away.

The Coming Storm

It will only get worse over the coming months because it is not likely the President will be removed. Speaker Nancy Pelosi feels impeachment must move forward because voters can not be trusted. 

Should President Trump win again in November, items three, four and six will follow in quick succession. And some segment of the vocal and violent Left we have seen in Occupy, Antifa and other movements will respond. Leaderless movements made up of angry people with no specific list of demands other than change for the sake of change. Revolution if you will.

All because a real outsider has been unwilling to bend to the media maelstrom he has been enduring since he became the Republican nominee. Most Republicans apologize and beg for forgiveness. This one does not. Like a metaphorical hand grenade, he inadvertently exposed the fact an unaccountable bureaucracy is running amok at home and around the world.  All by simply being suspicious of providing foreign aid to a corrupt nation.

For Democrats, this is all about power. You can tell by the way they are running the “impeachment inquiry”. They lost in 2016 and have still not gotten over it. They engineered and encouraged something far below the American standard of a peaceful transition of power. That alone should make you sincerely question whether they should ever be given power again.


We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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