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Watching the Democratic debate tells us why impeachment is so important to the left



Watching the Democratic debate tells us why impeachment is so important to the left

Two hours into the Democratic debate and I’m done. Sure, I’ll keep it on in the background, but there’s a deterioration we’re witnessing among the candidates and arguably within the entire Democratic Party that shouldn’t be happening, at least from a logical perspective. This is the fifth debate. These guys should be getting better at this. Unfortunately for them and their party, they’re actually getting much, much worse.

We watched in 2016 during the GOP debates as bad candidates fell off, better candidates got stronger, and the best three or four candidates learned to shine by their fifth debate. Democrats in that election had a very different path because there were never more than five on the stage and only two really had a chance. But for the GOP, 2016 was a matter of rising to the top faster than the other strong candidates. That’s what one may have expected from this batch of Democrats, but they’re heading in the opposite direction.

Of note are Cory Booker and Pete Buttigieg who seem to have grown a bit through the debates. For Booker, it’s too late, but Buttigieg has been surging in the polls and this debate has helped him stay in that spot. As for the others, the fifth debate has served to expose their inherent weaknesses in policy and their growing weaknesses on a personal level. Joe Biden has been a disaster as he tries to mix righteous indignation with a concerted effort to not stumble all over himself. Kamala Harris sounds like she’s about to tell a joke every time she starts answering questions. Elizabeth Warren is trying to sound less radical while not upsetting her radical base and neither goal is being achieved. Bernie Sanders is being Bernie Sanders, neither going up nor down. If anything, he sounds almost exactly like 2016 Bernie. As for Andrew Yang, the media won’t let him have his time.

The rest aren’t getting much attention.

It’s no wonder impeachment is such an important goal for Democrats. They have no hope of winning based on the merits of the people on stage tonight, so their only hope is to smear the President with the help of their media puppets in hopes the voters will willfully have the wool pulled over their eyes. It seems to not be working as polls are showing impeachment fatigue already, but instead of backing down, the media is doubling down. CNN in particular has had a very bad time handling all of this.

This is the last chance these candidates had to make a serious impression before the holiday season ramps up, and they’ve failed horrendously. Their only hope is Adam Schiff’s plan of confusing America with impeachment nonsense.

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