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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the spirit of aloha but David Duke does not!



Dr Martin Luther King Jr understood the spirit of aloha but David Duke does not

Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. visited Hawaii in September 1959 to participate in statehood celebrations. Dr. King’s message and his personal example were totally compatible with the spirit of aloha.

David Duke’s is not: “White Nationalists Try To Claim Aloha Spirit As Their Own

As a member of a small but growing cadre of conservatives in the 50th State, I am deeply concerned about the cultural misappropriation of the Spirit of Aloha by any person or organization outside the Aloha State. Unfortunately, some of Hawaii’s public figures have not been good embodiments of Aloha. I consistently chastised Senator Mazie Hirono during the Judicial Committee character assassination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for her betrayal of the Aloha Spirit.

So, the last thing we need now is a person with the racially divisive rhetoric of David Duke endorsing a radio program by Patrick Slattery which has been renamed from “Stormfront Radio” to “The Morning Aloha Report”. I certainly have never heard of Mr. Slattery or this radio show before, but it is reportedly one which promotes white nationalism.

It’s rather bizarre that Tulsi Gabbard is credited as the inspiration for this rebranding. The young Representative from Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District currently has a rather devious campaign to convince the eventual Democratic nominee for POTUS to select her as VP running mate. To her credit, she has previously denounced David Duke and refused any of his endorsements.

Having spent most of the last four decades here in Hawaii, and being back here to stay since 1991, the open and welcoming society of Hawaii’s people has always been a significant attraction for me. Racial, ethnic and cultural diversity are essential components of the social fabric of these islands of Polynesia.

While he was incredibly awkward in his articulation, I fully relate to what Representative Ed Case of Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District said: that he feels like an Asian trapped in a Caucasian body. That was in no way to belittle his own racial identity but rather just a recognition that we are all part of the wonderful multi-ethnic culture that is one of Hawaii’s unique contributions to the world.

In Hawaii, one does not have to be consciously thinking of the color of one’s own skin. It really shouldn’t and doesn’t matter. I just celebrated our 49th anniversary with the beautiful Filipina lady with whom God has blessed my life since 1970.

I’ve been here in the Asia-Pacific far longer than everywhere else combined. When the job took me inside the DC Beltway 30 years ago, I could hardly wait to escape and have been back here in the islands ever since.

I have not wasted time following the exploits of the David Dukes of this world. Love, not hate, is what makes the world go around. Anybody who wants to respect the Spirit of Aloha must realize that it is our unique lifestyle here in Hawaii. Any cultural misappropriation by others must be soundly condemned.

Anyone who promotes white supremacy or the ascendancy of any other specific race is totally out of sync with the Spirit of Aloha. While many of my own ancestors came to the new world of North America from Europe, I also have indigenous roots as my great-grandmother was full-blood Muscogee (Creek). On official government forms that used to say what is your race, pick one, I always defied that and crossed it out and marked both Caucasian and Native American. I’ve always been stubborn this way. 🤙

If you don’t have total respect for everyone of every background, do not insult Hawaii by misusing Aloha as part of your brand. One thing both Conservatives and Progressives ~ both Republicans and Democrats ~ in Hawaii have in common is that we can have respectful differences of opinion and still treat each other with the true Spirit of Aloha!

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