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Brainwashing kids about gender is the most infuriating video of the day



Is science being taught is schools today? Some of it is, but those lessons are secondary to the anti-science regarding “gender fluidity” that had become the top priority lesson for public schools across our nation. This is brainwashing, plain and simple, regardless of how you feel about LGBTQ rights.

Personally, I’m absolutely fine with the LGBTQ community as a whole and have friends who are part of it. But as a parent, I do not need schools trying to explain things to my kids that do not align with science or proper perspectives. Gender dysphoria is a psychological disorder that is usually treated with anti-depressants or gender reassignment. Again, there’s nothing wrong with this. But what these schools are doing is encouraging gender dysphoria, planting the seeds for children to either want to become “gender fluid” (it certainly sounds nice to be whatever you feel like being on any particular day, right kids?) or to misrepresent other issues as gender confusion.

This is unambiguously anti-science and based solely on the feelings of the growing radical progressive community that wants to elevate LBGTQ membership. What better way than to convince kids they’re actually gender-fluid?

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