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Even Nancy Pelosi is warning Democrats about Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders



Even Nancy Pelosi is warning Democrats about Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders

Is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suddenly becoming a conservative? No. A moderate? No. But compared to Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and some of the other Democratic candidates for president, Pelosi is practically part of the vast right-wing conspiracy because she doesn’t want full-blown socialism. She only wants partial socialism. For now.

On Friday, she spoke out against far-left policies. Though she didn’t name names, she was clearly warning her party against Warren and Sanders, two of the three frontrunners for the Democratic nomination. She called out Medicare-for-All, saying we should be expanding on Obamacare instead of pushing for Medicare.

“Protect the Affordable Care Act — I think that’s the path to health care for all Americans. Medicare For All has its complications,” Pelosi said, adding that “the Affordable Care Act is a better benefit than Medicare.”

While she voiced concerns about the consequences of continuing to increase debt and attacking the wealthy in America, she seemed more concerned about the election implications of nominating a socialist. By her reckoning, the Democrats have a better chance of beating President Trump next November if they nominate someone less radical.

“What works in San Francisco does not necessarily work in Michigan,” Pelosi said at a roundtable of Bloomberg News reporters and editors on Friday. “What works in Michigan works in San Francisco — talking about workers’ rights and sharing prosperity.”

“Remember November,” she said. “You must win the Electoral College.”

While it’s true the message being pushed by radical progressives won’t resonate as easily away from the coasts, the two hyper-leftist candidates contend Americans will embrace bold ideas even if they’re not in their normal comfort zone. This has some merit as socialism and communism continue to increase in popularity, particularly among young adults.

While former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead most polls, Warren has taken the top spot in some and Sanders continues to perform well enough to be in the mix. South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has also been surging and may represent the alternative to Biden if the frontrunner continues to plummet.

When Nancy Pelosi says a candidate’s ideas are too radical for her, Democrats would be wise to listen. But will they? Probably not. Warren and her extreme progressive following will likely power her through to the nomination.

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