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Should Eric Ciaramella be worried about getting ‘suicided’ by those who want him detached from the Ukraine scam?



Should Eric Ciaramella be worried of getting suicided by those who want him detached from the Ukrain

Let’s get something out in the open since we’ve received so much flack for publishing our theory that Eric Ciaramella is the Ukraine whistleblower, that his anti-Trump motives have been crystal clear since before the 2016 election, and that he is being orchestrated by both Democrats and the “Deep State.” It is not against the law to report on the whistleblower. His protections extend solely to government engagement and his right to privacy is not being infringed upon by media outlets who report him as a public figure, which he has been since well before the Ukrainian scam was launched.

These facts haven’t stopped his attorneys from making threats against news outlets who are reporting the likelihood that he is, indeed, the whistleblower who coordinated with his former NSC friends in Adam Schiff’s office before filing a formal complaint with the DNI.

Whistleblower’s attorney threatens legal action

The whistleblower’s legal team is saying it won’t hesitate to take legal action against media outlets that identify him. Speaking to the Daily Caller, the whistleblower’s attorneys said any organization that reports his name will be personally liable if that person is physically harmed.

This comes after RealClear Investigations suggested the whistleblower could be Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella is reportedly a registered Democrat who previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden and former CIA Director John Brennan. His name has been tossed around on social media platforms for weeks and is known by many on Capitol Hill.

The whistleblower’s legal team noted that there’s no law banning media outlets from identifying whistleblowers. They instead said the decision comes down to “ethics and professionalism.”

Who do the whistleblower’s attorneys fear will cause the whistleblower “physical harm”? Republican lawmakers have been practically begging to question him. President Trump’s supporters have been on the receiving end of violence much more than they’ve dished it out. In fact, there are exponentially more reports of hate hoaxes than actual hate crimes perpetrated by MAGA-hat wearing patriots. From Jussie Smollett to Anthony Derlunas, from Nikki Joly to Erica Thomas, the left seems to have the market cornered on hate crimes against itself.

What do the attorneys know that we do not? Is Eric Ciaramella in danger from the very people who used him to initiate the impeachment inquiry? His history clearly makes him a burden on the impeachment narrative. Would it be expedient for them to just stage a suicide, a la Jeffrey Epstein, in order to protect their anti-Trump agenda? Before the last couple of years, I would have dismissed such notions as conspiratorial paranoia, but we’re living in a world in which the ultra-powerful will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets under wraps. It may have been that way all along, but information is flowing too freely with the internet available. Now, such conspiracy theories are actually worth considering.

Whether it’s the so-called “Deep State” or other pro-impeachment people who want Eric Ciaramella silenced, his attorney’s warnings are ominous. If anything happens to him, it won’t be pro-Trumpers who perpetrate it.

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