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Impeachment vote is 100% about distracting from Spygate investigation



Impeachment vote is 100 about distracting from Spygate investigation

Trying to understand motives driving Democrats on Capitol Hill requires a penchant for reading between the lines and an acute awareness of timing, especially as it pertains to events happening at the moment. Doing so makes one thing very obvious: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is suddenly willing to have a floor vote to “codify” the impeachment inquiry because there is damaging news coming for Democrats at the hands of Attorney General William Barr, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and U.S. Attorney John Durham.

The IG’s report is coming shortly. Durham now has a criminal investigation on his hands, which means he can empower a grand jury. One of the favorite lines of mainstream media since the Mueller investigation first launched was that “the walls are closing in” on President Trump. Right now, the walls truly are closing in on the Democrats, their allies currently or previously at the Department of Justice, and certain “Deep State” players at the Pentagon.

Pelosi says House will vote this week on resolution formalizing impeachment inquiry a letter sent to Democratic House lawmakers, Pelosi, D-Calif., said the resolution “affirms the ongoing, existing investigation” and “establishes the procedure” for future investigative steps.

“We are taking this step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the Trump administration may withhold documents, prevent witness testimony, disregard duly authorized subpoenas, or continue obstructing the House of Representatives,” Pelosi said.

Fox News has learned the vote will take place Thursday on the House floor. It is not an actual article of impeachment, but rather a resolution that sets process ground rules.

It’s not surprising that few are picking up on this narrative. It’s complicated, as machinations of the Democrats often are, but we can see it clearly when we hear Pelosi’s rationale behind having the vote. Things have been going well for them for the most part as they maintain control of the hearings, leaking what benefits them and burying what doesn’t. It also prevents Republicans from easily defending the President. But formalizing the impeachment inquiry can only do one of two things, neither of which behooves Democrats.

Option #1 is for them to bring the proceedings completely out in the open, which will give the GOP amply opportunity to cross-examine witnesses, call witnesses of their own, and write part of the narrative behind each testimony. This won’t benefit the Democrats’ case at all, but it will prevent blowback from anyone wanting to cry foul.

Option #2, which is more likely, is that they’ll continue to limit Republican powers during the hearings. This will harm the case by making it clearly unfair and prolonging the denial of due process for the President, but at least it won’t open the doors for the GOP to fight back, which the Democrats do not want to happen.

We won’t know which option Pelosi is taking until the meat and potatoes are revealed on Wednesday, but neither seems to behoove the Democrats. That being the case, why would the do it?

The notion that they want more power to call witnesses and collect testimony is a red herring. They weren’t moved by the White House’s letter a couple of weeks ago and they’re not suddenly moved by it now. The only reason they’re doing it is to put up a smokescreen to keep eyes and ears off of what’s coming down the pike.

This brings us back to Spygate. While controlling the impeachment narrative is important to Democrats, reducing damage from Spygate revelations is far more important. They do not want to go into an election year with President Trump getting the sympathetic vote as a result of clear wrongdoing by all involved in Spygate, including the DNC itself. Impeachment is the bigger story right now and Democrats want to keep the media’s and the people’s focus on that. If information revealed through Barr’s investigations gets enough media attention, it will harm the Democrats greatly. That’s the only reason they’re willing to give up their strategic advantage in the impeachment inquiry. Without a formal vote to suck the air out of the newsroom, fatigue becomes a problem. In fact, the American people and even the Democrats’ proxies in mainstream media are already starting to turn the page to more interesting news.

This also tells us there were likely people more closely attached to the DNC who were involved in Spygate than just James Clapper, James Comey, and John Brennan. Pelosi wouldn’t make this move just to protect parts of the Deep State. She’s all about self-preservation, which tells us the Spygate investigation goes all the way to the heart of the Democratic Party itself.

As usual, Democrats are banking on complicity of mainstream media and ignorance of the people. They truly fear what will be revealed about the Russia investigation and will do anything they can to take attention away from it.

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