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Dan Bongino calls out ‘academics’



Dan Bongino calls out 'academics'

Academia is generally progressive. That wasn’t always the case, but as colleges and universities continue to favor left-leaning professors for various reasons, the entire higher learning industry has become indoctrination camps for young adults. This has been acknowledged by both studies of political ideologies among professors and, most recently, by academia itself. They once pretending to be unbiased, but at this point they realize the cat’s out of the bag, so why pretend?

Conservative pundit Dan Bongino took a swipe at them on Twitter, noting a very important distinction between the “superior intellects” of academia and those of us who have read and understand the Constitution. The former either willfully ignores the truth, perverting or denouncing it at will, or they’re simply so far above the rest of us that their understanding flies over our head. Try to get one to explain free speech and expect an earful about how “hate speech” is not protected because it’s violence, or something like that.

A word to the wise and unwise parents of this land: If you do not want your children indoctrinated in college, prepare them before they go, Invariably, they will find “intellectual superiors” who will espouse progressive ideologies. Arm your kids with facts.

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