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Conspiracy Theory

Mark Meadows on the conspiracy theory and the fairy tale



Mark Meadows on the conspiracy theory and the fairy tale

Let’s hope most Americans are not fools. Let’s hope they can be discerning when the time is right and willing to see the truth even if it’s politically inconvenient for them to do so. Too much is riding on the 2020 election to allow it to be decided by people who refuse to see the ongoing dumpster fire of conspiracy theories and fairy tales spewing forth from Democrats on Capitol Hill and their mainstream media puppets since moments after President Trump won the 2016 election.

Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) is one of the (shockingly) few Republicans willing to take a stand for the President. He has continued to call out Democrats for their subterfuge and false narratives since their impeachment ambitions began. No, it wasn’t last month when Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi had a press conference on the impeachment inquiry. They first filed articles of impeachment way back in 2017, shortly after the President took office.

This ongoing debacle has become a stain on America’s reputation as well as a hindrance to our election process. Rather than compete with the President on ideas, Democrats have chosen to fight in the mud and use their media proxies to trumpet their fake news blasts about the President’s alleged wrongdoings. And yet, the push back from the public has been minimal. Are their too many useful idiots out there falling for every fresh lie the Democrats are telling? Is it simply too hard for progressives to acknowledge the constant drumbeat of suspicious from the Democrats is just a series of political gambits? Will they ever see through the charade?

Meadows took to Twitter today to make an important point about what has happened and what continues to happen. It’s like a record player stuck on repeat while playing the most annoying part of a song nobody likes.

How much longer will Americans allow this disgrace to continue? This, more than just about any other reason other than creeping socialism, is why Democrats on Capitol Hill must be voted out of office in 2020.

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