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Drudge Report posts more pro-Bernie stories than pro-Trump



Drudge Report posts more pro-Bernie stories than pro-Trump

I had to visit Drudge Report today. It was the first time in months, which is sad considering I had the tab open essentially 24/7 and would check it multiple times throughout the. day. But Matt Drudge and his powerful news aggregator have turned against President Trump. This has been the site’s direction for two years now, but in recent weeks it has gone from criticism to outright opposition.

On my last visit earlier today (which is also likely my last visit, period), I tallied the stories on the vaunted homepage. 14 of them were anti-Trump. Four were not directly anti-Trump, but highlighted news that would be considered negative press by the administration, such as “Surge of Mexican migrants is new challenge for Trump border crackdown” and “Inside America’s Chaotic Retreat”. There was a very positive story about Bernie Sanders featured on the homepage with the headline, “WEEKEND WITH BERNIE: ALL-STAR RALLY…”

It’s not the first pro-Bernie story he’s posted lately and it won’t be the last.

How many pro-Trump articles did he feature? Zero. He had an article praising Tulsi Gabbard. Another article gleefully pronounced Texas is now a battleground state. There’s even an article from CBS News lamenting Louisiana’s trajectory of reducing abortions.

This is his site and he can post whatever he wants. The power he wields is tremendous even though he’s lost around 20% of his traffic ever since turning anti-Trump. I won’t even begrudge people for visiting, but I will warn them not to expect to see anything that supports conservatives, the GOP, or President Trump.

There are alternatives. Two of my favorites are The Liberty Daily and Whatfinger. These both fill the gaping hole left by Drudge very nicely. In fact, the silver lining to losing Drudge to the dark side is the increase in traffic for both of these great alternatives.

Whatever President Trump did to make Matt Drudge upset, the results are very clearly seen on his website. Conservatives should consider alternatives if they don’t want to be bombarded with fake news propaganda. Drudge is lost.

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