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Cory Booker’s girlfriend, Rosario Dawson, sued for allegedly beating transgender employee



Cory Bookers girlfriend Rosario Dawson sued for allegedly beating transgender employee

It isn’t often a scoop from TMZ turns into a story on this site, but when the story involves the girlfriend and future fiance of a Democratic presidential candidate, it’s worth reporting. In this case, it’s Senator Cory Booker’s girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson, and member of her family who are being sued by a former employee for allegedly beating him because he was transgendered.

Dedrek Finley also claims the family regularly “deadnamed” him by his former name, Deidre. “Deadnaming” is referring to someone by their previous name and is often associated with using a transgendered person’s original name and gender pronouns instead of their new name and pronouns.

The details of the alleged assault are shocking, especially considering Dawson is known as a Hollywood social justice warrior. But the gloves came off over Dedrek after he came out as transgendered. Eventually, he was forced to leave his zero-rent home which was on their property after they shut off his gas.

Rosario Dawson and Parents Sued by Transgender Man Claiming Assault claims Isabel knocked on his door on April 28, and when he refused to discuss the issue with her … she got violent. He alleges she threatened to kill his cat, and then ripped the screen off a window and pulled him outside through it. Dedrek claims she then started punching him and screamed, “You’re not so much of a man now.”

He says Rosario then yelled, “Mom, stop being petty.” He says he thought she was coming to his defense, but instead he claims Rosario helped pin him so her mother could continue the beatdown.

Dedrek claims one of the women — Rosario or Isabel — took his phone away from him during the beating … because they knew he had a video of Isabel threatening Dedrek earlier in the year, and to stop him from calling 911.

In the suit, he says he was eventually able to scramble inside Rosario’s home where he grabbed a phone and dialed 911. Police responded and Dedrek says he was taken to a hospital for treatment — and the very next day he got a restraining order against Isabel.

This story has received scant coverage on mainstream media despite the blockbuster nature of the accusation and the connection to a powerful Democratic presidential candidate. Then again, it may be getting buried specifically because of Dawson’s relationship to Booker.

Tolerance is a talking point and an attribute selectively applied to many on the left. They make demands for tolerance, but many do not practice as they preach. As Cory Booker continues to campaign, Rosario Dawson may be in court.

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