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Snopes and Politifact silent on Elizabeth Warren’s recent batch of lies



Snopes and Politifact silent on Elizabeth Warrens recent batch of lies

When President Trump Tweeted the whistleblower form was changed just before it was sent through to the DNI, so-called “fact-checkers” Snopes and Politifact responded in less than 24 hours to debunk the claims. They used different variations of fact-checking acrobatics to catch the President on technicalities so they could classify the claim as false. For example, they said that it wasn’t the whistleblower form but the form used to accelerate it up the ladder that was changed.

But Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem to be getting the same treatment. In fact, Snopes has only checked one statement she’s made over the last two months and PolitiFact has given her a perfect 21 out of 21 with no false statements ever and the lowest “fact-check” score for her being “half true.” This is demonstrably false, of course, as we already know by her own acknowledgement that her Native American heritage is only 1/1024 true.

Nevertheless, the “unbiased” fact-checkers who clearly lean very much to the left in favor of Democrats haven’t taken up any of her recent questionable claims. The most recent one has been out in the public for over three days, yet it’s business as usually trying to prove Republicans wrong for the folks at PolitiFact and Snopes. They are willfully ignoring video evidence that Warren has told completely contradictory stories about her firing when she was a special needs teacher.

Fauxahontas Was Caught In Another Lie. This One Is About Her Previous Career As a Teacher. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has repeatedly said she was a special needs school teacher but she was fired because she was “visibly pregnant.” It’s become part of her typical stomping speech, a part of her so-called “resume.”

It turns out Warrens’ narrative was nothing but a lie.

During a 2007 interview with Harvard Law Professor Leo Gottlieb, Warren explained the education she obtained. She graduated from high school at 16 and received a full ride scholarship to George Washington University as long as she took part in their debate team. She obtained a degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology. She taught for a year and started graduate school to obtain her certificate so she could receive a permanent position at the school. She ultimately walked away from teaching and went to law school.

It’s time to give as many Pinocchios as we can allow to PolitiFact and Snopes for claiming to be unbiased. They’re left-leaning at best and clearly favor Democrats. Will they ever call Elizabeth Warren out for her lies? Don’t count on it.

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