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Sekulow responds to second Trump whistleblower



In short, President Trump’s counsel Jay Sekulow’s response to a second whistleblower is, “So what?”

The attorney told Fox News host Sean Hannity the details surrounding the Democrats’ attempt to impeach the President over a call with the Ukrainian government. Among other things, the Democrats seem to be shifting their story on a daily basis, moving the goal post to suit their needs. This new whistleblower on the same topic doesn’t change the calculus since the administration already released the transcript from the call.

He then went on to discuss the stay on a court order for the President to release his tax returns to a county in New York. It’s a joke. As Sekulow noted, the Democrats are “trying to weaponize the Constitution.” But the Constitution is on the President’s side.

Democrats are not working on behalf of the American people. Their actions are clearly political and designed to help them acquire more power while subverting the will of the people. All they want is for President Trump to be gone.

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