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Trump campaign raised more since impeachment started than Biden raised all quarter



Trump campaign raised more since impeachment started than Biden raised all quarter

Most of the Democratic totals for third quarter fundraising have been reported and a clear winner has emerged. President Trump is blowing away all of his competitors, but thanks to the launch of the impeachment inquiry, his fundraising has ramped up considerably.

It’s noteworthy that the President’s former top-rival, Joe Biden, raised a meager $15 million in the third quarter, putting him behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg with Elizabeth Warren still waiting to release her totals.

Biden’s campaign has been in shambles recently as his poll numbers fall. These fundraising totals reaffirm the sentiment that he may not be the “Trump-killer” many in the Democratic Establishment have hoped he would be.

Meanwhile, the President’s fundraising is skyrocketing thanks in large part to the impeachment inquiry. Last week, his fundraising totals in three days nearly matched Biden’s. We can assume that the numbers have far eclipsed Biden’s totals, meaning in the two weeks since impeachment talk began, the President beat Biden’s entire quarterly haul.

Democrats have found themselves in an impeachment finger trap. The harder they try to pull support away from President Trump, the tighter the trap wraps around their grubby little fingers. Impeachment is making reelection a foregone conclusion.

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