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As impeachment heats up, the need to promote the truth has never been greater



As impeachment heats up the need to promote the truth has never been greater

Most who read NOQ Report likely do not get much of their news from CNN, the NY Times, or the primary sources on Google News. These venues for leftist propaganda have two modes: Spin stories to make the President, his party, and his supporters look bad or outright lie to make the President, his party, and his supporters look bad. The truth gets buried while a manipulated variation of the news is presented to the masses.

Now that the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry is underway, we’re already seeing an extreme variation on the theme. Everything regarding the President is being spun as negative. Every story that counters the Democrats’ narrative from the real Ukrainian bullying done by Joe Biden to the suspicious change to whistleblower requirements are being buried, debunked, or debunked before being buried.

It’s as if the media is taking on their role as cheerleaders and fierce defenders of the Democratic Party to its most extreme levels. One might think they have an agenda of their own to support through impeachment. It needs to end, but it won’t. If anything, it’s only going to get worse from here.

I’ve often been told by advisers and others who operate conservative news outlets that I do not do enough to ask for financial support from our readers. I remember a long conversation I had with the publisher of a major conservative news outlet in which he told me to plaster the site and every story with prominent calls to action for people to donate. Despite his site having many more ads on it than NOQ Report, he said their primary source of revenue was from donations.

We get very few. I appreciate everything we get. It’s a true blessing that quite literally “makes my day” when donations come in higher than normal. But it’s not enough, not when trying to take on the juggernauts of progressive mainstream media. Their lies are thick and getting thicker. For the first time in over three years, their manipulation of the news has started having a serious negative impact on the way the people view the administration. It’s because the “middle 20,” the portion of the electorate in the moderate, independent, and completely unaffiliated category who lean in one direction or the other depending on the news cycle, are starting to lean towards the narrative mainstream media is putting out.

This is dangerous for the President. This is dangerous for America.

Money donated to NOQ Report is used to promote our stories to more Americans. $30 donations help stories reach around 7,000 Americans. $100 helps the truth reach 25,000. But it compounds from there, as people who see these stories as a result of paid promotions share them as well. A small donation that helps take a story viral can put it in front of hundreds of thousands of Americans who desperately need to see the truth they’re not being told by mainstream media.

We need donors. Despite a 10X increase in traffic over the last year, we’re still only reaching a tiny percentage of voters. Even when impeachment is dead and buried, whatever lies the left can cook up next will have to be countered. It’s an ongoing battle leading up to the 2020 election that requires a combination of passion and resources. We’re passionate about the truth. We just need help with the resources.

People regularly contribute directly to campaigns but not nearly enough to propagating the truth. Don’t get me wrong, there are benefits to having full coffers for the RNC and Republican candidate campaigns. But messages sent out by Team Trump are less likely to impact a moderate voter than reading a story that tells them the truth about Medicare-for-All, reparations, or the Green New Deal. Americans do not trust the media, but they trust political campaigns even less. We strive to be a credible news source that American can rely on to tell them the straight facts and let them come to their own conclusions. We do this knowing that as conservatives, the truth is on our side.

Help us get the word out. Fighting fake news isn’t hard, but it does require a concerted effort by patriots to make the truth break through the cacophony of lies being disseminated by mainstream media. Will you help us, patriot?

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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