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Conservatives must galvanize against the existential threat of socialism



Conservatives must galvanize against the existential threat of socialism

I opposed Donald Trump’s nomination in 2016. Even after he secured the nomination, I was reluctant to support him and felt perhaps the GOP had left me. Even today, I’m still registered as an Independent, but for the last year or so things have become very different than they were in 2017 when the President was inaugurated. For the first time in modern history, socialism isn’t just growing quickly in public popularity. It’s revealing itself in legislation, campaign promises, and an entire major political party that seems destined to embrace it fully.

But something else has happened since Donald Trump was inaugurated. To be more accurate, I should say something hasn’t happened. The world didn’t explode. America didn’t crumble. Why? Because I was proven mostly wrong in my belief that he would lurch to the left on most issues. From the GOP’s passage of tax cuts to the recent renewed interest in border security, much of what we were told would happen actually has. Abortion clinics are feeling the squeeze. Terrible agreements with foreign entities have been ripped apart. Jerusalem is recognized as Israel’s capital. There’s a lot of good that has happened over the last three years that I didn’t expect.

It hasn’t been perfect and with gun control on the horizon, the foibles of a feckless GOP can make things even worse. But one thing is certain. In our binary choice system (an abomination that must eventually be discarded), the other choice has never been as dangerous as they are today. Democrats have done some good and a lot of bad in the past. In modern history, we can look at President Carter as an ineffective fool, President Clinton as a corrupting force who changed the White House forever, and President Obama as the catalyst for the cultural degradation we’re experiencing today. But none of these Democrats compare to the existential threat that is knocking on our doors. An argument can be made that they were precursors and contributors to the rise of socialism in their own way, particularly President Obama, but the Democrats on the near horizon are the culmination.

They are Marxists. All of them. Yes, even Joe Biden.

But it’s actually worse than that. If all we had to worry about was a Marxist president, we could prevent the realization of socialism in America by having conservatives (or at least Republicans) control the House, Senate, or both. Unfortunately, that may not be the case after the 2020 election. The threat of Democrats retaining control of the House and taking control of the Senate is real. With progressive mainstream media, which commands somewhere around 70% of readership and viewership, pushing with their friends in the Democratic Party to demonize anyone with an (R) next to their name, we cannot take Capitol Hill for granted any more than we can take the White House for granted. American voters are fickle. There is no way to know what bombshells the media have planned for us in 2020. A blue wave could be force-fed to America in a way that reverses the gains from 2010-2016.

In short, socialism could dominate the legislative and executive agenda starting in 2021 if we don’t stop it now.

Please understand two things: Propaganda moves quickly while truth moves slowly. Propaganda spreads like a virus in our modern digital age as lies can be put forth and hammered into our collective consciousness rapidly. In fact, it requires high velocity to work. This is why the talking points on one network or news outlet often match the talking points of others, with all matching the talking points handed down by the DNC.

Truth requires a process. It takes constant reinforcement to stick, especially when competing against the incessant drumbeat of fake news. We’ve seen this demonstrated throughout the last two administration as good is painted as evil and evil is painted as good. This is why we must come together as conservative, patriotic, Constitution-defending Americans now if we’re to have any hope of stopping socialism from prevailing in the 2020 elections.

Share the truth about the Democrats and their socialist ambitions

The only reason socialistic ideas such as the Green New Deal, Medicare-for-All, A Just Society, and “free everything” are becoming more popular is because most Americans are unaware of the requirements and consequences. For example, proponents of Medicare-for-All say healthcare is a right and every American is entitled to the same level of care without cost. On the surface, this sounds reasonable. Dig a little deeper and the flaws become apparent.

People like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders say they don’t know anyone who likes their health insurance. This is a lie. Many Americans may not like the costs of health insurance and some have had challenges with paperwork, but it’s not correct to say nobody likes the insurance they have. In fact, I don’t recall hearing anyone say their health insurance is preventing them from receiving treatment or making them wait forever to have procedures.

With Medicare-for-All, people WILL be prevented from receiving many treatments. We’ll wait forever to have procedures. We’ve seen both of these problems rising in countries that employ single-payer healthcare. It’s because running healthcare the same way government runs the DMV is not conducive to swift and appropriate care.

If government could possibly run healthcare well, the VA would be the best healthcare solution in the nation… if not the world. It was designed as a benefit to veterans, but it has become a curse to those who are forced to participate in it. The VA is a microcosm of government’s inability to serve us properly while the DMV is an example of how public-provided single-payer health systems would work.

This, of course, doesn’t even touch on the outrageous costs associated with Medicare-for-All or the fact that Warren still refuses to admit it will require a dramatic middle-class tax increase. It also doesn’t take into account that every healthcare policy proposal from the Democrats is a path to single-payer. So if you think Joe Biden’s Obamacare 2.0 or Pete Buttigieg’s Medicare-for-All-Who-Wants-It are better options, think again. They all lead to Medicare-for-All because you cannot have a public option without dramatically raising prices on private insurance, which pushes more to the public option, which drives private costs even higher… you see the pattern that would arise.

But saying all of this once to someone who supports it is unlikely to work to dissuade them. It’s easier to indoctrinate someone with lies than to break them from their indoctrination with the truth. Why? Human nature forces biases that can make us blind to reality. Nobody wants to be proven wrong. This is why it’s imperative that we hammer home the truth as often, as loudly, and as passionately as possible. It’s a process. Every component of the Marxist ideas being promoted by Democrats today must be constantly rebuked and thoughtfully debunked until more people are aware of the truth.

Galvanizing requires humility, patience, forgiveness, and focus

It wasn’t easy for me to find the humility required to drop my NeverTrump beliefs. I took many steps towards forming a new party. I sold my company, traveled regularly, met with fellow NeverTrumpers, and lost a lot of friends along they way. But the part that made it easier was witnessing the unhinging of the Democratic Party from reality. Their grasp was tenuous at best in the past, but they’ve broken all attachment to the way things need to be in exchange for a dystopian utopia they believe is on the horizon if they could only relieve themselves of President Trump.

Now, we need each other. Conservatives must come together to fight the good fight regardless of whether you’re a MAGA-hat-wearing supporter or a NeverTrumper looking for a savior. Bill Weld, Joe Walsh, and Mark Sanford are not viable. Justin Amash, John Kasich, or whoever else throws their name in the hat in the future will only muddy the waters. It’s President Trump versus whichever Marxist grabs the Democrats’ ticket, period. That means opposing President Trump and the GOP is tantamount with supporting Marxism.

By no means am I suggesting the President or anyone is above reproach. There’s a difference between criticism of policies or actions and direct opposition to the person in office. If (when) gun control is signed into law, I will continue to criticize both the GOP and the administration over it. But I won’t be flipping my support over it because the opposition will want even more gun control than whatever the GOP puts forth.

Those who support the President’s agenda must have patience. We also need forgiveness. Just as we hammer away at the socialist agenda, we must also patiently lead fellow conservatives away from their self-imposed NeverTrump indoctrination. It’s hard to let it go, but we must help them try.

Today and onward to the 2020 election, conservatives must be focused on fighting the specter of socialism that is creeping upon us. If we do not galvanize now, all will be lost.

Everything is at stake

To paraphrase a line from a very bad movie, if we believe there’s even a 1% chance that socialists can prevail in 2020, we have to take it as an absolute certainty. America will not survive if they have control of the House, Senate, and White House.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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