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Federal judge blocks Trump administration’s change to Flores Agreement



The loophole that has incentivized tens of thousands of migrants to bring children with them across the border, whether the children are their’s or not, was changed last month by the Trump administration to prevent asylum-seekers from being released to the interior prior to their hearings. Now, a federal judge in Los Angeles has blocked the rules change, prompting an anticipated appeal from the Justice Department.

As we reported last month, the Flores Agreement allows migrants with children to be released to the interior following asylum claims after 20 days in detention. This prevents them from being in custody when their hearing take place, and with 90% of asylum-seekers never appearing for their second hearing, the rules change was an attempt to close this loophole.

As long as the Flores Agreement is in place, children are being put in jeopardy, used as pawns to help their parents or those who have “acquired” them to cross the border and be released to the interior. This will be challenged.

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