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Lies: Iran denies involvement in drone attacks on Saudi oil facilities



This is, of course, a lie. Iran is 100% responsible for the drone attacks on a Saudi oil refinery that has crippled their oil production, cutting it in half. The evidence is so clear and Iran’s history is so tainted, denials are laughable.

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Michael Pregent went on Fox News this morning to detail why he believes Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is correct to blame Iran for the attacks. The drones used were sophisticated, falling in line with Iranian technology rather than technology normally associated with the Houthis or the the militant terrorist cells in southern Iraq where the attacks likely originated. They demonstrated signs of training that could have only come from a handful of nations. And the fact that Iran is the only nation in the region that truly gains something from the attacks is arguably the most conspicuous reason to believe they did it.

The shocking attack has rocked oil prices and raised safety concerns across the Middle East. It is becoming increasingly clear the Ayatollah and his underlings are desperate enough to make waves across the world to achieve their goals.

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