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Far-left Vox questions Joe Biden’s fitness for office



Far-left Vox questions Joe Bidens fitness for office

Former Vice President Joe Biden is supposed to be a foreign affairs expert. He was an alleged expert when he was a Senator and he was supposed to be the foreign affairs side of the Democratic ticket in 2008. There are stories that President Obama turned to his Vice President for foreign affairs advice and even asked Biden to lead certain efforts, including the withdrawal from Iraq.

But based on his answers (plural) to a single question during the last Democratic debate, some are questioning whether or not he still has what it takes to be Commander-in-Chief. One such publication questioning his fitness is Vox, a far-left news outlet that tends to lean towards the socialists in the party, so normally their attacks on Biden wouldn’t even hit my radar. But this is different. The points they bring up about Biden’s answers are legitimate.

At times in his rambling response to whether it was a mistake to pull out of Iraq the way the Obama administration did, he seemed to confuse Iraq and Afghanistan. He also seemed to lack an understanding of the rise of ISIS, pointing fingers in multiple directions that didn’t jibe with what’s known of the terrorist group’s ascension.

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Biden played a role in implementing the withdrawal, and thus should be able to speak knowledgeably about it. But his answer, which discussed both Iraq and the war in Afghanistan, made very little sense overall.

Foreign policy is supposed to be one of Biden’s clear areas of competence, a policy area he’s focused on throughout his career. The fact that he stumbled so badly should raise serious questions about his presidential bid.

The obvious question, one that has been getting raised more often lately, is whether or not Biden has lost a step or two in his mental capacity. Ageism is a challenge for some of the candidates, but Biden seems to be less lucid and focused than others in his age bracket. It isn’t just that he seems to have lost a step or two. He seems to be having trouble following his own trains of thought, which is a dangerous sign for someone who wants to become the leader of the free world.

Vox clearly has an anti-Biden agenda, but this article is not biased against him. It’s an accurate highlight of moments during the debate that should be making Biden’s own supporters start to ask questions about their candidate.

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