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Democratic Establishment sighs in relief as Joe Biden’s debate wasn’t disastrous



Democratic Establishment sighs in relief as Joe Bidens debate wasnt disastrous

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the anointed pick of the Democratic Establishment. The same people who gave us Hillary Clinton to beat up on in 2016 are pushing hard for Biden to be President Trump’s next electoral victim. It’s ironic considering the state of the Democratic Party that an old white guy is the only chance the Establishment thinks they have at winning in 2020.

But who can blame them? Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are so far to the left, even Barack Obama seems like a right-leaning moderate by comparison. Kamala Harris has such an atrocious personality, she makes Clinton seem likable. Pete Buttigieg, Andrew Yang, Cory Booker, and Amy Klobuchar are only appealing to portions of the Democratic Party. Beto O’Rourke is running to be for gun control what Al Gore was for climate change. Julian Castro lost his membership card with ageism against Biden last night.

As for Biden’s performance, it was his best yet. That’s not saying much, as his first two debates were embarrassing. This time he definitely had gaffes and seemed to lose track of his grasp of the English language at times, but he was also aggressive when he needed to be and gave the Establishment hope that the least radical of this merry bunch of far-left progressives might actually make it through the primaries as their nominee.

There’s still a long way to go before the Democrats nominate someone, but it seems to be Biden’s nomination to lose, especially considering he’s been pushing further to left since announcing his candidacy. Since he’s locked in as the pragmatic choice among the frontrunners, his campaign’s goal now is to make him palatable to the far-left who control the major progressive groups he’ll need in order to secure the nomination quickly.

But he still has a huge problem… two, actually. Those who don’t like him REALLY don’t like him, to the point they consider him anathema as a nominee. On the other side of the fence, those who support him aren’t that passionate about him. Some support him because they liked President Obama and see him as the closest thing to continuing where the last Democratic President left off before Trump interrupted their continuum. Others support him because they think he has the best chance against Trump in 2020. Then, there are those who don’t really support him at all but who think the rest of the options are simply too radical.

Republicans should hope for his continued success in these debates and on the campaign trail. He may be a worse candidate than Hillary was, and with President Trump’s base growing, Biden’s nomination represents an near-certain GOP victory.

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