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Beto O’Rourke wants attention so badly, he’s willing to say anything



Beto ORourke wants attention so badly hes willing to say anything

What will it take for Democrats to take Beto O’Rourke seriously? Considered a frontrunner before actually launching his presidential campaign, the former Congressman has been nothing short of a complete disappointment to his dwindling fan base after seeming almost destined to be a major player in the nomination race. Now, he’s going to use controversy to get the attention he so desperately craves.

The latest round of “What stupid thing did Beto say now?” comes in the form of a statement that he said in last night’s debate and that he’s repeating on every digital channel he can. “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15.

This serves two roles. First, it keeps him hanging on in the presidential race even though his chances are somewhere around 50:1 at this point. But the long-term goal is to be the leader of the anti-gun movement. It’s his consolation prize, and considering how likely it is that he won’t win his grand prize, this is essentially all he has left.

When Al Gore lost the presidency, he turned relatively quickly towards climate change, winning a Nobel Prize for his efforts and making a ton of money while flying around the world (despite the alleged effects on the climate of doing so) preaching his religion of global warming alarmism. It made him very well know, extremely rich, and revered by millions of radical progressives. Beto O’Rourke wants to do the same thing, only with gun control.

But what Beto seems to misunderstand is that Gore had “science” on his side. No, it wasn’t real science, but it sounded good. If it were real science, we would have all died in 2015 as he predicted. But Beto doesn’t even have the benefit of pseudo-science. All he as is emotion, and it’s something that doesn’t suit him well. In the short term, it’s fine. But too much Beto screaming and cursing really does turn people off. Even his fans don’t want to hear it, especially when they realize many of his claims about guns are simply wrong.

Then, there’s the whole problem of actually enacting gun control. We’re nowhere near the point as a nation where people are going to willfully relinquish their firearms to the government just because some activist politicians make them illegal. It can happen, and frankly we’re heading in that direction, but Beto doesn’t have he patience to wait that long. Moreover, patriots are going to keep waving our 2nd Amendment flags as long as we possibly can.

To Beto, these are all death threats.

Let’s not dismiss his radical ideas, though. As hard as it is for real patriots to believe, a growing number of Americans are starting to favor his flavor of gun control. They’re being misled by the media and his fellow radical politicians who think guns are the problem. They will not address criminals, who are the real problem in this matter.

Beto knows he won’t win, but he’s setting himself up to be for gun control what Al Gore was for climate change following his presidential loss. He’s turning even more pathetic than before, which is saying a lot. But he will not get his way.

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