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Guns and Crime

Universal background checks aren’t a slippery slope. They’re a nosedive into gun confiscations.



Universal background checks arent a slippery slope Theyre a nosedive into gun confiscations

This is one very important fact that must be considered any time people say universal background checks will make us safer. But before we get into that fact, let’s take a look at where they will lead if ever enacted in the United States.

Today, we have background checks on the vast majority of gun purchases. The “loopholes” that are used by some to purchase firearms are actually protections necessary to prevent an oppressive government from making criminals out of law abiding citizens. Currently, if I want to go to a gun shop and buy a firearm, my background is checked before the purchase can be completed. That’s fine. I don’t like it, but at least it’s relatively painless.

Now, let’s say I want to loan this gun to my buddy who is about to go on a long, solo trip and doesn’t own a firearm. That’s fine. What he does with that firearm may end up coming back to haunt me as an accomplice if it’s deemed I loaned it to him knowing his criminal intent or if I negligently allowed him to use it when it was clear he would commit a crime, but if he gets pulled over with it in a state that does not allow him to carry, I’m in the clear.

Universal background checks would make me a criminal for wanting to help my buddy remain safe. Even if he didn’t commit a crime with the firearm, simply giving him access to it temporarily would be grounds to charge me with a gun felony. Some say that’s the price to pay for safety, but here’s the thing. There have been no instances of mass shootings which would have been prevented if universal background checks had been in place. Zero. None.

This is how we know with a certainty the intention of universal background checks is not for safety purposes. The left (and a growing number of people on the right) have been conned into thinking this is about safety when in reality it’s a necessary step to gun confiscations. For the left to achieve their goal of mass or even total confiscations, they need a national firearm registry. To get a national firearm registry, they need every gun owner to submit to a background check. To get every gun owner to submit to a background check, they must first implement universal background checks.

Some say UBCs are a “slippery slope” that “could” lead to gun confiscations. The reality is this: UBCs are 100% certain to lead to total gun owner background checks, which will become a gun registry, which be the tool used for confiscations. This is unambiguous and there is no other possible motive for progressives.

One might say, “But Republican lawmakers don’t want gun confiscations.” This is true for the most part. In fact, there are still a quiet minority of Democratic lawmakers who also do not want them. But in this politically charged environment in which emotions are driving the gun debate, it’s politically expedient for politicians to “do something” before their next election. At least that’s what they believe, though an easy argument could be made that if the people understood what UBCs entailed compared to the current system, a majority would oppose them.

As President Trump considers backing UBCs, it’s imperative that his base lets him know that we absolutely do not want them. They are the next step in the path to inevitable gun confiscations. The only way to stop them is to stop UBCs today.

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