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Why Kamala Harris is toast



Why Kamala Harris is toast

I had the pleasure of going to a standup comedy show headlined by Eddie Griffin over the weekend. If you’re white, this name doesn’t probably doesn’t mean much to you. He is star of Undercover Brother and a big name in black comedy. With that said, the group I was with was the youngest white group at the show, and perhaps the overall youngest there. I bring up the demographics in the audience because this audience is full of probable Democrat voters in the upcoming primary.

So when Eddie Griffin made political jokes, I could not help but note the audience reactions as well as his jokes. So let’s run through some of the candidates he joked about and what the overall joke was saying. To be fair, I only thought his jokes on Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and Andrew Yang were funny.

Joe Biden

Old white man who put black people in prison back in the day

Bernie Sanders

Hand gestures, old white man.

Elizabeth Warren

White girl, no ass. Not to be trusted.

Kamala Harris

Put blacks in prison. Not really black.

Cory Booker

Not really black.

Andrew Yang

Wants to buy votes for little guy, willing to sell.

Representative Sample

Eddie Griffin is one of the more influential spokesman of black culture, like a Dave Chappelle. His jokes land because they ring true for his audience. With that said, I wrote, in the past, that Joe Biden was only being propped up by his Hoodpass for being Obama’s Vice President. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider this assessment. And while my Democrat Presidential Primary Bracket has Joe Biden going down to Beto O’Rourke, who has thus far disappointed my expectations but could make a splash, there is so much hype propping him up, probably artificially.

Kamala Harris on the other hand is dismissed and we can see that her momentum is gone and it has nothing to do with Tulsi Gabbard. She has no base. She can’t get the black vote and the socialist vote is going to Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. Without a base, she can’t win and that is what was supposed to be demonstrated by the Democrat Presidential Primary Bracket. So despite probably winning the Intersectionality Region here are two reasons why that doesn’t matter:

  1. Intersectionality is merely a means to socialism
  2. Every other Intersectional candidate sucks

The first reason indicates that the intersectionality base is small, merely a subset of people who want socialism. Plainly put, victim groups are just political pawns. The second reason is an indictment on the other candidates. Pete Buttigieg as discussed is more threatening because he is a messenger for a Social Justice Gospel. Cory Booker is not black enough as Eddie Griffin alludes to. Andrew Yang is Asian and Asian doesn’t top ambiguously black on the totem pole. The others, even Julian Castro, are just pretending.

So if you are on PredictIt or betting on the outcome, sell Kamala Harris now!

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