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NY Times Tweets ‘airplanes took aim’ on 9/11



NY Times Tweets airplanes took aim on 911

Airplanes don’t take aim. Cars don’t take aim. Guns don’t take aim. Only people can “take aim” at anything using their preferred tools of violence and terrorism. Assigning blame to inanimate objects is a way of hiding the truth and diffusing the reality of a circumstance. It’s a common tactic used by the left, and the NY Times uses this tactic masterfully.

Today, they were forced to delete an asinine Tweet because they tried to shift the blame for 9/11 from radical Islamic terrorists to the tools of their attack.

This wasn’t a slip by a careless intern or a casual strangeness inadvertently added to the wording. This was a deliberate attempt to hide the root cause of the devastation that changed the nation and the world. As DailyWire’s Josh Hammer noted, “What a joke you are, NY Times.”

A joke indeed. This is the reason fake news is so rampant in America. They are allowed to manipulate the people through propagandized reporting that amplifies or stifles facts based on what is most politically expedient to them at the moment. These are narrative-peddlers, not journalists. They have an agenda and they’re willing to take every step necessary to press it through the 2020 elections and beyond.

This is an insult to victims, their families, and every patriotic American who learned lessons on 9/11 that we must never forget. It’s sad to see a once-proud publication shift to propagandized reporting as their Standard Operating Procedure.

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