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Should the government have control over its own constraints?



A video from The Blaze examines the cautionary tale of some of the after effects of the Sep 11, 2001 attacks.

In examining the lessons learned from 9/11, Glenn Beck expresses a common sense refrain in response to demands from the left for more restraints on our liberty: No more, you get nothing.

Pro-liberty patriots have had enough, we are down to the bedrock of freedom, there are no more ‘compromises’ to be offered. The national socialist left wants a complete and unconditional surrender of our inalienable human rights with gun confiscation. To use the parlance of the day, you are either with liberty or you are not. The authoritarians on the left are clearly against liberty, with their pushing of evermore-strident measures against freedom.

Questions leftists can’t answer.

Over the years, we’ve developed a number of questions that our comrades on the national socialist left cannot answer. Think of these a series of political koans, which show their contradictional belief and deception in stark relief. The headline is one of the primary versions of these questions that exposes their totalitarian mindset on basic human rights.

  • Should the government have control over it’s own constraints?
  • Why do most shootings take place in liberty-free zones [ ‘gun free’ zones]?
  • Do you have the common sense inalienable human right of armed self-defense?
  • If socialism is so wonderful, why does it have to be imposed at the point of a gun?
  • How are new laws supposed to control people who by definition do not obey the law in the first place?
  • Where does the government obtain the authority to control your property with ‘universal’ background checks?

Leftists cannot answer the question on the constraint of government because that would make no sense in the context of limited government. Saying no eviscerates the rationale for registration or licensing the inalienable human right of self-defense since that would require permission from the government to hold these basic human rights. The other questions destroy the ludicrous idea of ‘gun free’ zones as well as more restraints on liberty.

The bottom-line.

The bill of rights is meant to be constraints on governmental power; that the left abhors these inalienable human rights shows they prefer an unlimited government. That is the dirty little secret of why they obsess over gun confiscation. They don’t care about ‘the children’ or ‘safety’, were that the case they would take steps to fix the problems with cultural rot and media contagion that they have caused. The national socialist left obsesses over gun confiscation because it would yield them more power and they have no other solutions. At least, none that don’t point directly at their culpability in causing societal violence.

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