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Medicare-for-All will become a nation-crushing reality if the GOP doesn’t surge in 2020



Medicare-for-All will become a nation-crushing reality if the GOP doesnt surge in 2020

Obamacare has been a debacle. Costs for both healthcare and health insurance have skyrocketed over the last nine years. Meanwhile, quality of care has suffered despite advancing technologies, better information, and more medical professionals available. This was what the Democrats wanted and it’s what America has right now, thanks in part to the feckless RINOs on Capitol Hill who blocked attempts to repeal and replace it in 2017.

The Democrats’ response to the looming healthcare crisis they created: Triple-down with single-payer. Around half of the people’s reaction to this notion: Sure, why not?

What Obamacare introduced with government meddling in health insurance may be a big problem, but it’s infinitesimal compared to the existential threat of Medicare-for-All. Keep in mind, Obamacare was never meant as a permanent solution. It was supposed to expose holes in the system over time and be replaced by a single-payer system preferred by socialists around the globe. The left want a system that gives total control over the healthcare of the people to incompetent and oftentimes uncaring bureaucrats administering how and even why people should receive healthcare.

But Obamacare was built to be a long-term stepping stone to allow the American people time to get acquainted with DC stepping all over our medical needs before slowly introducing single-payer. In the left’s master plan, Obamacare would transition into single-payer in two or three decades, four at the most. By 2050, every American would be insured by taxpayers. Then, something they didn’t expect happened. It failed from the start. It failed miserably. It failed much harder than expected. The foundation for socialism they worked so hard to establish in 2010 wasn’t going to make it to its first decade before being replaced.

It was a disaster, especially after the 2016 election when they realized their plans had been obliterated. All they had left was to hope the GOP would fail to deliver on their 6-year-old promise and then the people could be shepherded into giving Democrats a chance to replace their crumbling stepping stone with the real deal. These were both longshots, but if history has taught us anything, it’s that the people can be swayed into supporting what they once opposed. They can be led like sheep to their own slaughter if emotion can replace logic. And that’s where we stand leading up to the 2020 election.

The transition of Medicare-for-All over the last three years has been startling to me even as I’m well-aware of the ease in which opinions can be swayed on individual topics. In 2016, one can argue a majority of people were not only opposed to Medicare-for-All but also to Obamacare itself. They saw the results and it never delivered as promised. By 2017, repealing Obamacare had been tainted by a shifting perspective that doing so meant tens of millions of Americans with preexisting conditions would suddenly lose their health insurance. In 2018, Medicare-for-All started picking up steam with radicals and spreading into the consciousness of moderates as something to consider.

In 2019, a majority of Democratic lawmakers and a growing chunk of Democratic voters are now all-in for Medicare-for-All.

Majority of House Dems now support ‘Medicare-for-all’

The single-payer health care plan known as “Medicare-for-all” now enjoys support from more than half of Democrats in the House of Representatives, with top-ranking Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., adding his name to the list of co-sponsors.

The bill, introduced in February by Rep. Pramila Jayapal, D-Wash., calls for the replacement of private health insurance with a government plan covering everyone. Jeffries became the 118th co-sponsor.

“Given the enduring nature of our health care access and affordability crisis, more must be done,” Jeffries, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, said in a statement to The Washington Post.

It’s time to wake up to the reality that Medicare-for-All could actually happen if Republicans do not come together, get organized, and reverse the shifting perspectives spreading across American consciousness like a plague. People often ask me how I went from being a conservative critic of President Trump’s to a staunch supporter. The answer is in the nation-crushing policies the Democrats are embracing. Their proposals for Medicare-for-All, open borders, and the Green New Deal are three of the biggest threats standing out in a sea of major concerns over their policy proposals.

This is why when NeverTrump Republicans try to convince me the GOP is so bad, I can only chuckle. It’s like telling me I should put down the heart-disease inducing donuts to save my life when there’s a terrorist with a knife at my throat. No, I don’t agree with everything the GOP or the President do, but the nuances in their handful of poor decisions are inconsequential compared to the freedom-sucking vacuum of socialistic principles that would be forced upon us if we don’t coalesce around the Republican Party immediately.

My priorities for both NOQ Report and the formation of the American Conservative Movement are these and in this order:

  1. Stop Democrats. They’ve rapidly transitioned from an annoyance with bad policies into the image of authoritarianism, anti-Americanism, and in many cases, true evil.
  2. Replace RINOs with conservatives. This can be done simultaneously with the first priority, but it must be practical. Attacking Republicans in ways that will get them replaced by Democrats is counterproductive. Helping conservative primary candidates evict moderate Republicans is a righteous goal.
  3. Educate the people. As I’ve long said, most Americans are conservative. Some just don’t realize it because of the stigma associated with the Republican Party. Minorities are particularly susceptible to this stigma as many of them believe in conservative principles but have been told that voting Republican is like voting for racists. The record-setting low unemployment rates for African- and Hispanic-Americans should counter this if we can get the information out there.

2020 must be an unambiguous mandate against the socialistic principles driving today’s Democratic Party. This needs to happen up and down the ticket to protect Americans from the existential threats being embraced as policy by the left.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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