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As Tlaib’s hypocrisy becomes clear, legacy media buries the story



As Tlaibs hypocrisy becomes clear legacy media buries the story

To paraphrase Keyser Söze in The Usual Suspects, who was paraphrasing Charles Baudelaire, “The greatest trick the Democrats pull is to convince America their hypocrisy doesn’t exist.”

This is why the party whose history and current policies are blatantly racist can claim their opposition is made up of racists. It’s why they claim to be the party of compassion for the defense of illegal immigrants while letting legal immigrants and American citizens suffer at their hands. It’s why they can pass “loving” legislation banning declawing pets shortly after passing legislation legalizing the murder of babies who survive abortions.

Their latest round of hypocrisy comes from Representative Rashida Tlaib who had her bluff called by Israel to allow her to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the West Bank. Her statement explaining why she suddenly backtracked after having her request granted is so full of holes and laden with lies that mainstream media quickly decided to bury the story. It’s gone. The networks quickly stopped covering it. Google News took it off their “Top Stories” section and pushed it off their other sections. You won’t find a mention of it on the homepages of major progressive news outlets. Despite being fresh and important news, it was deemed too hypocritical by the Democrat for legacy media to continue drawing attention to it.

What’s replaced it? Greenland. Apparently, a fanciful notion from the past by the President is such big news, journalists in newsrooms across the nation have been asked to drop whatever they’re doing and learn everything they can about the largest island in the world. Until the next big news rolls around, this is all they have to cover up the sordid tale of Rashida Tlaib’s hypocrisy.

Oh, and the President fat shamed a supporter who wasn’t offended by it. That’s bigger news to legacy media as well.

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Legacy media has two standing orders: (1) Attack Trump and Republicans, and (2) Handle PR for Democrats, especially “The Squad.” This is why it’s so important for patriots to follow and support quality conservative news outlets.

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