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Jim Jordan on the problem with red flag gun laws



Jim Jordan on the problem with red flag gun laws

The House Freedom Caucus has been, as a group, one of the staunchest supporters of President Trump since he took office. Many conservatives were wondering if the President’s progressive past would rub them the wrong way, but as they and the rest of America started seeing him keep his conservative promises, they quickly embraced him as the unambiguous leader of the party.

Representative Jim Jordan has been an outspoken proponent for the President’s policies. But he has not denied his belief in the Constitution or his oath to protect it, and at times when many Republicans started shifting their views away from defending our rights, Jordan stepped out to speak the truth. The same can be said today as he gave a clear rebuke against those supporting red flag gun laws.

As he points out, red flag gun laws, by their nature, must treat American citizens as guilty until proven innocent. This is not the American way. While the need to prevent crimes is high in today’s society, that need cannot be used as cover to promote unconstitutional measures that take away rights of American citizens.

Kudos, Congressman, for standing by your principles and in favor of American freedom.

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