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MSNBC’s Frank Figliuzzi compares Trump supporters to a terrorist organization



The craziness of progressive legacy media is getting worse than it was before, if you can believe it. It seems as if in the aftermath of Robert Mueller’s failures both as a Special Counsel and in his testimony before Congress, mainstream media outlets like CNN and MSNBC have left the realm of reality.

Fox News host Jesse Watters brought on Fox News contributor Dan Bongino and podcast host Chris Hahn last night to discuss two media-related topics. The first was CNN host April Ryan, whose bodyguards physically attacked a journalist from MSNBC with all of it caught on CCTV. The second was the meatier issue as progressive conspiracy theorist Frank Figliuzzi compared Trump supporters to a terrorist organization.

Figliuzzi made news last week when he declared the President’s decision to fly flags at half-staff following the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton was a secret call out to white supremacists. The date, 8/8, was a symbol of neo-Nazism selected by the President for that reason, according to Figliuzzi. Now, it seems as if his addiction to the conspiracy theory spotlight has compelled him to create more anti-Trump fiction.

It’s always interesting to hear good, respectful debates such as the one between Bongino and Watters versus Hahn. There was no unhinging from reality; both sides were cordial and appreciated each other’s perspectives.

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