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Democrats hope recession cries will become a self-fulfilling prophecy



Democrats hope recession cries will become a self-fulfilling prophecy

There’s a little-known secret about the economy that Wall Street knows all too well. Perceptions become reality even when reality runs contrary to perceptions. Fear of a crash prompted by rumors and speculation can cause a crash even if no other outside forces intervene. Valuation fluctuations are as influenced by media reports as they are by P&L statements. A Tweet by a powerful person can send the economy soaring or plummeting, depending on the direction of the Tweet.

Controlling the flow of information and keeping investors as accurately informed as possible has been a staple of our strongest economies for decades. But in today’s news-on-demand world, it doesn’t take much to muddy the waters with false reports and poor analyses, whether intentionally poor or not. In other words, how we feel about the economy has as much effect over it as the key indicators attached to it.

This isn’t just known by Hollywood. Washington DC knows it very well, which is why the push has started to predict a coming recession. It’s easy to find signs of on impending recession at literally any given moment; if you want to find something to latch onto that says the economy is on the verge of slowing or even collapsing, look hard enough and there will be indicators that point in that direction. But it requires a biased disregard of other factors in order to make the case that the economy is looking poorly, especially in today’s fiscal atmosphere in which most signs are pointing to an uptick.

President Trump’s delay of additional Chinese tariffs was not a reaction to the economy. It was a reaction to the current reactions about the economy. Things are wobbly right now because progressive economists, Democratic lawmakers, and leftist journalists have been saying things are wobbly. As a result, the President was forced to delay tariffs, thereby weakening his hand against the Chinese government in negotiations.

Thankfully, China is feeling real pressure. Instead of a political party trying to convince people things are worse than they really are, China has a unified government trying to convince their people things are better than they appear. Now, we’re faced with a race to the prevailing falsehood. Will the left convince the American people the economy is bad before the people of China realize their economy truly is bad?

To the economic layman, this story from CNN reads like a dire warning of an inevitable collapse that’s going to come before the election. They want this out there and will join the chorus of other leftist “warnings” until they can convince enough people to believe it’s going to happen, thereby creating the self-fulfilling prophecy they need for 2020.

Bad economic news raises political risks for Trump

Both China and Germany — the world’s second- and fourth-largest economies — delivered disappointing economic data overnight. Germany, which relies heavily on exports to China and the US, reported a slight contraction in the second quarter, opening up the possibility that it might tip into full-blown recession.

That news came after three central banks last week — in India, New Zealand and Thailand — all aggressively cut rates more than expected over trade fears and growing economic uncertainty.

The US has continued to see positive economic growth and a hot job market, thanks in part to Trump’s 2017 tax cuts, but that’s been largely driven by consumer demand that could be dashed by a slowdown abroad.

Analysts say Trump’s decision to delay some tariffs may have been too little too late — and that he risks losing his most powerful argument for reelection: the economy.

This story is not the standard full-blown fake news we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from CNN. It’s a lie by omission; they highlight the negatives that point to a recession while ignoring the positives that are clearly pointing to continued economic growth. It’s important to them that they plant the seed that interest rate cuts will not have a lasting effect and that tariff delays are not going to act as long-term fixes to Wall Street’s skepticism.

As patriots, we need to keep the people informed. That’s what NOQ Report is all about, and conveying the truth about deceptive tactics progressives are utilizing to harm the economy for political expediency is at the top of our to-do list. But we need help. We need continued donations so we’re able to push these truths out to the masses.

Progressives will continue to beat the drum about an upcoming economic crash until they can make it happen through the influence they have with their propaganda. We must fight these reports knowing we have the truth on our side.

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