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10 reasons Tom Cruise should run for president



The satirical video above is not only extremely well produced and quite humorous, but it also brings up a notion that maybe the people should consider. Should Tom Cruise run for President as a Democrat? Absolutely. I don’t care whether he’s a Democrat or not; he seems more like a progressive Libertarian than anything else. But that’s semantics. Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump were Democrats earlier in life. Political party isn’t really about anything other than assigning majorities in Congress.

There are actually compelling reasons for the Democrats to draft Cruise to be their candidate. I know what you’re thinking. With a couple hundred candidates already, why do they need another one? Just because they have candidates already doesn’t mean they have any GOOD candidates.

Would Tom Cruise be a good candidate? There’s only one way to find out for sure, but in the meantime we can look at different aspects of his life and compare them to the declared Democratic candidates. Here’s a list of 10 reasons Cruise should run:

  1. Many of the current candidates had to fight for enough attention to get people interested in them running at all. Cruise has never expressed the desire, yet there’s a video and now at least one article telling him to do it.
  2. He does his own stunts. Most Democratic candidates can’t even write their own speeches.
  3. At 57 he looks healthier than Bernie Sanders looked at 37.
  4. Democratic candidates have a problem understanding how the law works. After playing a lawyer, twice, Cruise’s understanding of the law has already surpassed their collective understanding.
  5. Had he been born a few hours later, his birthday would be July 4th. But even if the real world deprived him of his glory, he still starred in the movie Born on the 4th of July.
  6. He was in the military multiple times on tours through Hollywood productions. He has also been a spy, an inspirational speaker, a sports agent, and a smuggler. But if there’s one thing he does regularly, it’s fight to save the world. He’s fought aliens, mummies, terrorists, and even fought vampires… as a vampire.
  7. There has never been a Scientologist president… as far as we know.
  8. He says others are “glib.” Name one candidate who ever says other people are glib.
  9. Unlike Democratic candidates, he has never espoused the desire to institute a variation of socialism in America.
  10. Tom Cruise panders to nobody, ever. Every Democratic candidate panders at any moment an opening presents itself.

Tom Cruise has been needed to save the world on dozens of occasions. Now, the Democrats may need him to come in and save their party from the socialists who are taking it over. If anyone can do it, it’s Tom Cruise. Or Keanu Reeves.

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