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U.K. Prime Minister unveils merit-based immigration reform



New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled a plan this week that would change the way their immigration system works. He’s proposing a merit-based system similar to the one President Trump proposed for America a few months ago.

The proposal was met with the standard polarized views with the left saying it’s racist and the right saying they love the idea. One America News covered the story.

Merit-based immigration systems are designed to attract the best professionals from around the world to enter, work, and stay in a country indefinitely. It’s appealing to both the country who can used the skilled workers as well as the workers themselves who may have limited opportunities in which they can used their advances skills and education.

This is something Johnson has talked about before. Bringing it up so soon after winning control is a sign that he’s going to take it seriously and try to get it implemented while he’s in office. Will Trump be able to do the same in America?

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