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10 reasons to oppose gun confiscation SWATing, aka red flag gun laws



10 reasons to oppose gun confiscation SWATing aka red flag gun laws

Congratulations President Trump. You figured out how to get both sides to despise you.

In a move future historians will most assuredly call his “Read my lips: no new taxes”  moment, Trump has signaled to the knuckling under to the imposition of Gun Confiscation SWATing and Intergalactic Background Checks(Aliases: ‘Universal’ or ‘enhanced’). Spineless politicians were supposed to be a thing of the past with the GOP, but thanks to mass murder attacks caused and conducted by Leftists, the lot of us are to surrender a bit more of our Freedom.

The idiom refers to George H.W. Bush’s pledge during in 1988 run for the presidency. Later in the midst of a fiscal crisis, he raised taxes in a ‘Bipartisan’ effort to fix a budgetary crisis. Being a ‘Bipartisan’ effort the national socialist Left then royally excoriated the Chief executive with an attendant lost election. In the present, the idiom could be modified as Trump saying: ‘Read my red flag’.

President Trump working overtime to anger the other half of the country.

In the present case, we have a man carried into the Oval office on the shoulders of the more than 120 million gun owners (a figure from 2 years ago, that has no doubt grown substantially).  These are people who enthusiastically donated, volunteered and voted for the man being angered and no longer offering their support, all to placate people who wouldn’t vote for the man anyway. How is that for making a deal?

There is an old saying that you never cut down a tree (Deciduous to be exact) in the wintertime since you don’t know if it’s alive or dead. The point is that you don’t make momentous decisions in the throes of emotion, such as in the wake of tragedy. If something is a valid measure, it will pass in a calm time as well. The fact these Freedom destroying abominations have to be rushed along before sober contemplation means these should be rejected.

Of course, there is always the factor of showing weakness emboldening the enemy, causing them to demand even more. As The Hill reports, in this case it’s Senate Minority Leader Schumer demanding even more affronts to Liberty. Make no mistake, the nanosecond a bill is signed for Intergalactic Background Checks (Aliases: ‘Universal’ or ‘enhanced’) or Gun Confiscation SWATing, the Authoritarian Socialist Left will demand gun registration or some other denigration of Liberty.

These are the top 10 reasons to oppose Gun Confiscation SWATing.

Some articles are more difficult to write than others, in this case it is because the items in the list keep on expanding while it’s becoming exceedingly difficult to place them in the proper order of importance.

10. A festering boil that will not go away.

Presumably those considering this appeasement to the party of authoritarian socialism think that this will be implemented and disappear from the headlines such that if will be forgotten by 2020. This of course is a stunning amount of naivete in that more and more Trump voters will be caught up these unconstitutional abominations, not to mention the inevitable deaths from these forced confiscations. They will be a constant reminder of betrayal, reminded all the time by the national socialist media as they did with ‘Read my lips’.

9. Potential voters will have to pay enormous legal bills to get their property back.

Just imagine the ongoing anger of those who have to go to court and foot the legal bills to have their private property returned to them. Money that could have gone to Trump 2020 but instead has to be wasted for these legal fights.

8. An unjust mark on one’s permanent record.

Even if that property is returned, the record of an unjust accusation will still be there. Making an innocent voter ineligible to do many things, including buying any more guns.

7. This won’t appease the nation’s socialists and they will want to expand the law.

Just as they want to do with Intergalactic Background Checks, the left will want to expand who can ‘call in’ one of these Gun Confiscation SWATings as in the case of the people’s republic of California. Expand the reach and make them easier to initiate, perfect for a practice that involves the forced confiscation of property at gunpoint.

6. Gun confiscation SWATing won’t solve the problem and will only make the situation worse.

Studies have shown that forcible and unjust gun confiscation schemes failed to have any effect, as noted in the abstract from the Crime Prevention Research Center

Red flag laws had no significant effect on murder, suicide, the number of people killed in mass public shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, or burglary. There is some evidence that rape rates rise. These laws apparently do not save lives.

The fact is that many more lives are saved by guns than are taken, thus these tyrannical tactics will only make things worse.

5. It will make potential voters vulnerable to extortion – even if they don’t own guns.

There is always a tendency of tyrants to want to expand their power, so as they make it easier for an ever-expanding field of people who can call in a gun confiscation SWATing. It will open all manner of opportunities to exact revenge or extort some under the threat of being on the receiving end of these ‘Red Flag’ raids at 3:00 AM. Note that it will be worse for those who don’t possess firearms as the authorities rip apart someone’s home to find something that isn’t there.

4. A need based on a bald faced lie -There are already laws on the books to handle these situations.

As we detailed here and here , the dire situations that these unconstitutional abominations are supposed to cover are already taken care of. There are laws for ‘Civil commitment’ already on the books in every state. Unfortunately, these aren’t draconian enough for the national socialist Left since they protect due process.

3. Criminals will be treated better than the innocent.

Speaking of due process, those vestiges of our representative republic will be fully vested in the outlaw set, not so much with the innocent. But what’s better than treating the law-abiding worse than the lawless for garnering votes?

2. Gun confiscation: Not just for violating the 2nd amendment any more.

One gets the distinct impression that our betters in the national socialist Left are in a competition to see who can craft a new law that will violate the greater portion of the bill of rights. Not satisfied with infringing on a basic human right, the Left has expanded their quest for the destruction of Liberty to illegal seizure of effects protected by the 4th amendment as well as the due process provisions of the 5th and 6th. With dishonorable violations of the free speech provisions of the 1st, and enumeration of rights in the 9th and 10th for good measure. Just think if they could figure out a way to quarter federal troops as part of a Gun Confiscation SWATing, they could almost have a clean sweep of the entire Bill of Rights!

1. ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ in changing our relationship with the government.

This is the last one because it is vitally important. We’re not using the term ‘Crossing the Rubicon’ lightly or out of click-bait frivolity, this point is deadly 1860’s serious. For all the other reasons outlined, this is the most dire. It all hearkens back to the founding of the nation, when the colonials declared independence

Plain and simple, this changes the relationship from one of ‘consent of the governed’ to a government of consent, whereby citizens become subjects to it ever-changing whims.  The founding documents were meant to protect the individual [minority] from the collective [majority] this is part of the precepts of true Liberalism. Liberalism is despised by collectivists because of this.

Due process means the individual is protected from the full force of the government – the collective. Getting rid of this vital concept turns this on its head, removing this counterbalance to government power. It was or is a vestige of socialist nations to have secret police organisations – Cheka, Gesatapo, AVO, Stasi, CDR, SEBIN, etc. Who worked by the way of a web of informants who would report to the authorities any activity or words that were verboten. The secret police would then ‘visit’ the accused at 3:00 and be ‘disappeared’ without any kind of due process. Do we really want to head down the slippery slope to this scenario?

As we’ve stated, the 2nd amendment is the canary in the coal mine of liberty. If they can get away with the changing of the relationship with firearms, what is to stop them from doing this with every other restraint? Bottom line: This is why every lover of Liberty should oppose this draconian and dangerous measure.

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