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Joe Biden: ‘Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids’



Joe Biden Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids

The gaffe machine is at it again and conservative Twitter is rolling on the floor laughing. But this particular gaffe may get him in some hot water with the unforgiving progressive wing of the Democratic Party that is surely going to take what he said and claim it’s indicative of his true feelings. They’re so opposed to the frontrunner and Democratic Establishment favorite that they’ll use clips like these to destroy him.

But don’t have sympathy for the former Vice President. In recent weeks, he has foregone the fairness and sensibility he has displayed in the past and become outright unhinged in his attempts to not only win the Democratic nomination but also prepare for attacks on the President. He has repeatedly claimed the President has never denounced the KKK, for example, and when confronted with evidence that he did, Biden scoffed.

Those aren’t the traits of someone we want in the White House. And if the gaffes keep getting worse as they seem to be doing at his elevated age, then there’s an even greater risk when it comes to foreign policy. President Trump has built up a reputation for saying what he means when talking to world leaders, a sharp departure from the Obama years. But even President Obama was extremely careful with his words. Biden seems to be incapable of filtering himself properly.

Was this an example of Biden being racist? No. He misspoke. He tried to quickly correct himself, as he has done regularly in the past, but this time it may not bee enough. He is hated by the far left who see him as a worse version of Hillary Clinton, whom they blame for allowing President Trump to win in the first place. They see Biden as an obstacle to getting their radical progressive socialist, whichever one that may be, into the White House.

Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton. He’s not Barack Obama. He doesn’t have the same calculated control over his speech that keeps them from verbally abusing themselves. Joe Biden is a trainwreck of a candidate. I hope he gets the nomination.

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