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Antifa thug calls for bounty on Ben Shapiro, Andy Ngo. Twitter shrugs.



Antifa thug calls for bounty on Ben Shapiro Andy Ngo Twitter shrugs

If a conservative says a man who dresses like a woman is, indeed, a man, their Twitter account will be suspended or even banned. If a radical progressive calls for a bounty to be placed on the lives of a conservative pundit and an independent journalist, Twitter yawns. That’s the state of social media bias in preparation for big tech’s attempted hack of the 2020 elections.

In this case, the victims are The Daily Wire‘s Ben Shapiro and Quillette‘s Andy Ngo. The radical progressive making threats goes by @jack_horsey_, though the account has now been made private. But before it was, The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra captured some screenshots of threats made towards Shapiro, Ngo, and politicians that included Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, and President Trump.

As Saavedra notes, “Jack Horsey” is a Bernie Sanders supporter who claims allegiance to Antifa. His Tweets are a textbook example of threats, intimidation, and calls for direct physical violence. One would expect that if someone, even a progressive, goes THIS far, surely they’ll have their account privileges revoked, right?

According to Ngo, that’s not happening here.

There are two contradictory narratives being pushed by the left today. One states that conservatives are fostering violence and hatred in America. The other calls for violence and hatred against conservatives. It’s a perfect example of the blindness that has superseded logic, fairness, and rational thought within the modern radical progressive movement.

Just as Congressman Joaquin Castro saw nothing wrong with “outing” donors to President Trump’s reelection campaign, so too do many progressive see nothing wrong with calling for a bounty on journalists who don’t report what the radicals want them to report.

Both Shapiro and Ngo have had threats, intimidation, and in Ngo’s case, violence directed at them by radical progressives. It’s unfathomable that Twitter would allow this. We know they’re biased, but this is beyond the pale.

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