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Dayton shooter Connor Betts: Antifa- and Satan-loving Democrat shatters the left’s narratives



Dayton shooter Connor Betts Antifa- and Satan-loving Democrat shatters the lefts narratives

White supremacy is the narrative of the day from progressives after the third mass shooting in a week in Dayton, OH, was allegedly committed by a young white male, Connor Betts. But while the airwaves and social media are filled with calls condemning Trump supporters, Republicans, conservatives, and Caucasians in general, the reality of Connor Betts’s history is being ignored.

The left wants us all to believe we have a gun problem that is derived from allowing racist young white men access to them. This is a triple threat from the left, allowing them to condemn Caucasians, gun owners, and Trump-supporters in one fell swoop.

But the reality of the alleged Dayton shooter are all narrative-busters that Democrats and mainstream media are trying desperately to ignore.

Connor Betts loved Antifa:

Connor Betts displayed anti-faith and pro-Satanic symbolism:

Connor Betts was a Democrat:

The media and the Democrats are busy building a narrative tying the three mass shooters together as anti-immigrant bigots and white supremacists who want any non-Caucasians to be eliminated. They also want that narrative to be attached to President Trump and all of his supporters in an effort to paint anyone who supports the President as a racist.

Meanwhile, they’re pushing for gun control, including confiscations, and a deterioration that leads to the destruction of the 2nd Amendment. This isn’t hyperbole; one needs only to check social media and see what’s being said by the leaders of progressivism to realize that’s exactly what they want.

The truth about the alleged Dayton shooter must be spread far and wide. As long as we continue to let the left drive the narrative, it’s going to lead to false assumptions and horrible decisions, especially come election time.

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