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MS-13 gang member found among small group of asylum seekers in New Orleans



MS-13 gang member found among small group of asylum seekers in New Orleans

“They just want better jobs,” we often hear progressives say as they protest Customs and Border Protection for detaining asylum-seekers. But that narrative is growing tired and being debunked on a daily basis, including late last month when a suspected member of the MS-13 gang was arrested while traveling with a small group of asylum-seekers.

Three of the five men were given asylum hearing dates and released. The driver had been previously deported and is being held. Guatemalan national Jose Escobar-Monterroso, 34, was taken into federal custody on suspicion that he’s a member of the notorious MS-13 gang which has spread fear and violence across our country in recent years.

New Orleans Border Patrol Arrests MS-13 Gang Member

The agents assisted the Lake Charles Police Department in conducting a traffic stop on Interstate-10 near Lake Charles, LA on July 20. During the stop, they discovered that all five occupants of the vehicle were illegal aliens with one 34-year-old male, Jose Escobar-Monterroso, being identified as a member of the notorious Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) gang.

Monterroso is currently in federal custody, pending an immigration hearing for violation of 8 USC 1325 illegal entry into the United States. The driver of the vehicle is facing charges in federal court for illegal re-entry after deportation. The other three illegal aliens were released in Louisiana on their own recognizance, pending asylum court cases.

Here’s the sad reality: Migrant caravans and asylum-seekers are providing cover for dangerous criminals. They are selling their children to these gang members to secure a fast release to the interior. They’re overburdening our border patrol and forcing them to process paperwork and hand out diapers instead of patrolling the actual border to prevent violent criminals from entering or reentering our nation. Meanwhile, Democrats keep pushing for de facto open borders with horrendous policy proposals and obstruction of solutions to the border crisis.

The asylum laws must be changed. As long as we keep the “We’re Open” sign on our border, criminals are going to continue to take advantage of the migrant surge to enter our nation and spread their terror to our citizens.

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