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The three candidates who fell for Erica Thomas’s hate hoax are too gullible to be president



The three candidates who fell for Erica Thomass hate hoax are too gullible to be president

The President of the United States needs to be able to call out lies, especially when they’re told by people who may share ideological alignment. Republicans should be the first to call out Republicans when one of them is wrong, and Democrats should expect the same from their own ranks.

There’s another characteristic important for a president. They can’t be gullible, again with an emphasis on being gullible to stories coming from within one’s own tribe. There are too many false narratives in the world of American politics, so being able to see a blatant lie for what it is makes for an important presidential trait.

Georgia state representative Erica Thomas lied. She played the race card, turned it into an anti-Trump dog whistle, and then doubled down when confronted by her fellow Democrat she was trying to slander. But three Democratic candidates quickly backed her on her tall tale. None of them have retracted now that the truth is known. And no Democratic candidate has called her out for perpetrating another hate hoax.

There is real racism in America and it should be confronted. But the breathless rants of people desperately trying to emerge in the crowded Democratic field are often too quick to pass the wrong judgment when it suits their narrative. Such is the case for three reactionary and gullible candidates:

Bill de Blasio, Beto O’Rourke, and Julian Castro failed the jump-to-conclusions test, the see-through-the-lies test, and the make-everything-about-race test. It’s no surprise that their candidacies for president are failing or that they’re desperately attempting to pander to the African-American community by backing a false narrative. There was no racism involved in this incident, and most Americans had the sense to question the validity of Thomas’s outrageous claim. But in the world of Democrats who are stricken with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the only surprise is that fewer didn’t fall for it. Perhaps it was fortunate for them it happened over the weekend.

Hate hoaxers like Erica Thomas should be condemned, not embraced for their hatred. The three who were too gullible to see through her fabrications are not presidential nomination material.

The first Democratic candidate to call out Erica Thomas’s lies gets my endorsement for the party’s nomination. I still won’t vote for them next November, but at least they’ll stand out as the one honest person among two dozen race hoax enablers.

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