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Democrats have no answer for the rise of MS-13. In fact, they’re helping them.



Democrats have no answer for the rise of MS-13 In fact theyre helping them

The left and right can debate all day about sovereignty, how to handle asylum cases, and whether or not to build a wall on the southern border. But there should be no debate about whether, the notorious gang that runs much of Central America and is building a similar empire in the United states, should be allowed to continue their reign of terror. In fact, there is no debate about it at all right now as Democrats are unwilling to talk about it.

Why? Because they have no answers to stopping them and their proposed policies for handling the migrant surge invariably work towards helping MS-13 continue to infiltrate our nation.

The latest heinous act getting attention has gang members accused of beheading and dismembering rival gang members in the United States, among other hideous crimes. And yet when the President referred to them as “animals,” Democrats and much of the media tried to insinuate the President was referring to all immigrants. They kept this lie up for months after it was debunked. They’re still repeating it today.

Here’s who the President called “animals”:

While Democrats focus on the “concentration camps” and push for instant release of the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing the border illegally and straining CBP, criminals like MS-13 gang members are sneaking in. The southern border is extremely porous and border patrol resources are being wasted on the migrant surge. While border patrol officers are stuck handing out diapers and completing paperwork for migrants, the “animals” are making their way across the border undetected.

But it isn’t just Democrats on Capitol Hill. Activist judges have thwarted literally every attempt by President Trump to deter illegal immigration and dissuade migrants from making the dangerous journey in the first place. They perform judicial gymnastics to find reasons why the President is not allowed to do what it takes to secure our borders. Meanwhile, these activist judges are complicit in the death and destruction they cause by assisting MS-13 in their gang activities.

Instead of coming to their senses, the Democrats are doubling down. Elizabeth Warren released her open borders plan, and we can expect the rest of the field to follow suit. They have literally no solution for the criminal infestation crossing the southern border. But that’s not stopping them from attempting to make the border even less secure. In 2020, remember these gang members. Remember their victims and the horrible way they died. Remember every American citizen killed by MS-13. Most importantly, remember which party has every intention of making the problem worse if they’re given the power to do so.

Every MS-13 robbery, rape, and murder is a direct result of Democratic lawmakers and activist judges preventing the President from doing his job to secure the borders. Ask them for solutions and all they can do is change the subject.

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