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Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has charmed Alyssa Milano



Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has charmed Alyssa Milano

Hollywood’s favorite social justice warrior has committed to attend a Democratic candidate’s fundraiser, and it’s raising eyebrows of even the most “woke” in Tinseltown. Charmed actress Alyssa Milano is starting her elect-any-Democrat tour by fundraising with spiritual guru and debate enthusiast Marianne Williamson.

But even as she announced her intentions to visit with Williamson, Milano made sure to hedge her bets and be as inclusive as possible by saying she loves everyone running. But it’s clear Williamson’s talk of the “collective” and the “soulful ache of the nation” has Milano sincerely interested in getting the guru attention, including on he popular progressive podcast, Sorry Not Sorry.

Williamson has been moving up in the polls, which is to say she’s not at zero anymore. Other notable candidates are.

But the jokes on Milano and Williamson’s supporters who clearly cannot see this candidacy is about building name recognition and public relations for the guru. Her message is one that can resonate with a very particular group of Americans, but her policy proposals are a combination of textbook 2020 Democrat and off-the-wall attention-grabbers. She’s obviously intelligent and is running a real campaign, but she’s doing so knowing the end result will be more appearances on talk shows and paid speeches that she’ll be able to ride long after the Democratic nominee is selected.

At least she got on Dave Rubin’s show.

Alyssa Milano has become completely unhinged. It would be hard to find an actor who has committed as much to politics in recent months, shifting her branding from entertainment to activism. But backing Williamson won’t help in that regard.

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