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Who benefited most from The Squad’s news conference? The occupant of the White House.



Who benefited most from The Squads news conference The occupant of the White House

I almost feel sorry for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. If she wasn’t such a problem for America by blocking border crisis solutions and generally promoting a failed leftist ideology, I’d pity her for having to deal with the aftermath of “The Squad” and their anti-American escapades, highlighted wonderfully during their press conference yesterday.

But Pelosi helped create the problem that has manifested into Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar., so it’s poetic justice she’s now going to have to play damage control by turning as much attention towards the President as possible.

They looked really bad in a press conference that never should have happened. It was like an activist’s speech at a small gathering of supporters in a coffee shop, and while a tiny fraction of the American population who are fellow radical progressives are likely proud of their socialist representatives on Capitol Hill, most of the country didn’t care. Of the remaining who do care, it was cringe-invoking to hear them stumble through a childish expletive-laden rant that contradicted itself, showed their ambitions to control the Democratic Party, and demonstrated just how unhinged their governing mentality truly is.

This is why today, it’s an afterthought on the networks. They’re back to focusing on Trump directly, which was not their intended goal. They had hoped to propel themselves to the top of the news cycle, something they’ve done well since coming to Capitol Hill. But their display was an embarrassment and the networks are giving them cover by essentially not talking about it. Sure, Fox News has highlighted the silliness of their display, with even the token leftist on The Five last night saying the press conference should never have happened.  But the rest of mainstream media is pretending like it never happened.

Their biggest mistake was highlighting that they are being attacked despite being “duly elected officials” while immediately calling the President the “occupant of the White House.” In essence, they’re telling the country to respect them for their election even though they won’t respect the President for his. It’s a sham and the American people are too smart to buy into it.

In the aftermath of a Tweet, we’re reminded just how differently Democrats and the media discuss the President compared to themselves. No condemnation for clear anti-Semitism by Ilhan Omar makes their attacks on the President moot.

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