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GOP says The Squad’s goal is anarchy. They’re half correct.



I’ve seen the future. Okay, so it’s a potential future and I wasn’t granted a prophetic vision or anything. I’ve just been watching what’s said (and more importantly what’s not said) by the radical progressives of the so-called “Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, and Rashida Tlaib. The freshmen Congresswomen have made a name for themselves in recent weeks, hitting a crescendo this week after President Trump’s “racist” attack on them.

The GOP released a video trying to tie their actions and words together to highlight a possible conclusion, that The Squad as well as other hyper-leftists in DC and across the country are pushing for anarchy. This is only half the story. Anarchy is a short-term goal that’s designed to get the people to call for their real goal: a totalitarian government that will be made necessary if the chaos The Squad and others are bringing about is allowed to flourish.

Anarchy and totalitarianism are opposites on the political spectrum, but it doesn’t take a giant leap of intellectual gymnastics to see how one can lead to the other. By promoting lawlessness through a combination of policies such as open borders, criminal justice reform, and the encouragement of violence through groups like Antifa, the Justice Democrats (who control every move made by The Squad) want things to get so bad in America, the only solution many will see is for the government to step in and take control of everything.

The path to losing our freedoms, all of them, is one that abuses these freedoms so badly, people are willing to give them away for the sake of safety and security. That’s what the Justice Democrats know to be true, which is why their pawns are promoting an agenda that leads to anarchy. They want lawlessness because through the absence of people abiding by the law comes the requests made by the people for a king. Just as Saul rose to power against God’s recommendations to the people, so too can a totalitarian state rise in America if we do not heed the warning signs pointing to anarchy today.

Anarchy is only a short-term goal. It’s a means to an end. And it’s not a goal that needs to be fully achieved in order to move towards their real goal. They only need chaos to get bad enough for the people to start calling for a crackdown. At that point, they can start implementing measures that make the Patriot Act seem patriotic. We’re already seeing it manifest in the the policies that are growing in popularity today coming from the Democrats:

  • Green New Deal is a complete government takeover of many industries, including those that have little or no connection to climate change. As Justice Democrats co-founder and AOC’s Chief of Staff Saikat Chakrabarti declared, the Green New Deal is not about climate change.
  • Medicare-for-All is a solution being proposed by a few Democratic nominees for President and that’s embraced by The Squad. This is a solution to the failure of Obamacare, which allowed the government to take too much control of the healthcare industry. Their response: Take even more control. Eliminate private health insurance. Put healthcare decisions in the hands of bureaucrats. Raise taxes on everyone, not just the rich. It’s a totalitarian dream system to keep people as sick as possible.
  • Open Borders is the element of the far-left’s plan that they won’t name directly. They want lawlessness at the border and they want it to spill over to all facets of America. But creating de facto open borders without invoking the name of it doesn’t remove the destructive qualities.
  • Gun Confiscations represent the single solution to the biggest roadblock the left has with imposing their totalitarian dreams. As long as the people are well-armed, it will be difficult for them to achieve their end goals. Firearms in the hands of citizens makes them harder to control, so taking away the firearms is an absolute must if The Squad plans to achieve their goals in their lifetime.

It’s good that the GOP is addressing this dangerous group of people, but let’s not get confused between their short term goal of anarchy and their real goal of totalitarianism. They don’t want the people in control. They want control of the people.

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