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Is YouTube blocking criticism of honor killing?



We regularly document instances when big tech companies take exception to Christian or conservative perspectives. They are purging, censoring, and silencing people, especially those who criticize leftism and/or non-Christian beliefs. The opposite is not true. Leftist criticism of conservatives or non-Christian criticism of Christianity is perfectly acceptable on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Now, one YouTube channel is claiming criticism of Islamic honor killing is no longer allowed on YouTube.

Editor’s note: This is currently a single-sourced story with no confirmation from other YouTube channels. But considering the challenge of finding corroboration of deleted videos since, well, they’re deleted, I’ve allowed this story to post. We will continue seeking corroboration.

Acts17Apologetics posted the video above describing actions taken against his video, “Honor Killings in Islam.” The producer, David Wood, is known for calling out Islam. Was he targeted because of his beliefs? Did the original video truly break community guidelines, or was the criticism factual? A search for “honor killings” on YouTube reveals news reports and documentaries, but none stood out as clearly denouncing the practice on religious grounds. The ones I watched focused on the legality of the issue, showing that in some countries it’s a valid defense. That’s the extent of the criticism.

We have entered a digital era in which many people are finding it difficult to express their views on platforms that are clearly left-leaning. Unfortunately, the biggest platforms have all adopted this anti-conservative and anti-Christian perspective.

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