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Veteran-run clothing store responds to Nike with its own Betsy Ross flag apparel



Professional social justice warrior Colin Kaepernick made headlines earlier this week as he condemned the Betsy Ross flag. Nike subsequently removed shoes that included the symbol. One America News highlighted a company with patriotic roots that is responding to Nike’s decision.

A clothing company run by veterans rolled out its own Betsy Ross American flag apparel in response to Nike pulling a shoe containing the patriotic symbol. The company, Nine Line Apparel, released its own line of t-shirts this week featuring the country’s original 13 starred flag. This after Nike announced that would be scrapping the shoe meant to celebrate the 4th of July because former NFL player Colin Kaepernick, who was an endorser of the clothing giant, claimed that the flag was offensive.

Kaepernick has a history of expressing anti-American sentiments and he is most known for his decision to kneel for the national anthem. In response, Nine Line Apparel released a statement condemning Nike for its swing toward left-wing ideologies.

“Since then, Nike’s gone way out in the left-field,” said Army veteran Zac Scalf in a video promoting Nine Line Apparel. “Progressive agendas kowtow to the likes of social justice warriors because they deemed something to be inappropriate, they deemed something to be racist. Unacceptable.”

The statement goes on to say, “While the company supports free speech, they do not stand by speech being silenced simply because it might be offensive.”

It’s important to note the woman at the center of this debate, Betsy Ross, was a Quaker and she came from a long line of staunch abolitionists. The flag design she’s stitched was first officially used by the United States and 1777 and acted as a revolutionary symbol by the Continental Congress meant to represent the original 13 colonies united front against British rule. The flag has commonly been flown alongside the modern US flag as a reminder of America’s founding principles of freedom, justice, and the pursuit of equality. In fact the flag was prominently showcased during both of former President Barack Obama’s inauguration speeches.

Nonetheless the outrage continues with some twenty twenty Democrat White House hopefuls hoping to score points by railing against the symbol. For example Julian Castro tried to compare the Betsy Ross flag to the Confederate battle flag and said he was glad to see the original symbol of our country sidelined.

“I was glad to see that and my hope is that that they didn’t just do what to do it, that they understand the significance there and… look there are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful,” Castro said. “The Confederate flag that still flies in some places and it’s used as a symbol.”

A portion if every purchase from nine-line apparel goes towards supporting wounded American veterans.

We happily support Nine Line Apparel just as they patriotically support America. It’s imperative for patriots to align ourselves with companies that are not ashamed of America and who share our pro-American values.

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