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Fareed Zakaria proves some progressives are coming to their senses on illegal immigration



“It pains me to say this,” CNN’s Fareed Zakaria started, “but he is right that the United States faces a crisis with its asylum system.”

Well, technically he started by calling out President Trump’s bigotry, but we’ll skip that part and get to the heart of the issue. Zakaria is one of a growing number of progressives, particularly journalists, who are finally recognizing there’s a huge problem at the southern border. What followed after the insults and resigned acknowledgement was a brilliant analysis of the problems we’re facing with loopholes in our asylum system.

He notes that legal immigration is being replaced by asylum seeking as the fastest path through which migrants can enter and work in the country legally. But he also notes this is because of a perversion of the laws that were meant to protect the truly persecuted people of the world, not those who want better jobs. Crime in countries like El Salvador, Venezuela, and Guatemala has been dropping dramatically in recent years. War is no longer an issue. The oppression these people are experiencing is financial hardship, which is NOT included as a criteria for being granted asylum.

Here’s his video:

If it takes progressive journalists warning Democrats about their election future to get them to help fix the problem at the border instead of exacerbating the issue, so be it. They’ll all play politics, but let’s fix problems along the way.

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