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Progressives offended by history but willfully ignore Democrats’ and Planned Parenthood’s racist past



Progressives offended by history but willfully ignore Democrats and Planned Parenthoods racist past

Stories pop up daily about another progressive group outraged over some statue, mascot, or symbol of historical significance that reminds them of oppression in the past. Our founding fathers are being wiped from schools named after them. Groups that were once considered historical are now anathema to the left. Even Betsy Ross’s American Flag is too racist for Nike and Colin Kaepernick.

But ask them whether the Democratic Party or Planned Parenthood represented racism, and they either lie or profess ignorance. Many are actually shocked to find out Republican President Abraham Lincoln had to fight the entire Democratic Party to end slavery. They quickly hop on their phones to find out if it’s true Republicans championed the Civil Rights Movement or that Martin Luther King Jr was a Christian conservative. They aren’t tearing down pictures of Margaret Sanger despite her goal of establishing Planned Parenthood as a way to suppress the African-American population.

They see nothing racist in the concept of Black Lives Matter, but think it’s racist to say All Lives Matter.

They cheer for Antifa as they beat down a gay Asian journalist, but disregard the fascist techniques used by the so-called anti-fascist movement.

They applaud Muslims pushing for sharia law, yet disregard the calls by Muslim nations to degrade, jail, or even murder homosexuals.

I could list the hypocrisies of progressives all day. But as we celebrate the independence of our nation, I’ll leave you with a thought:

If America is to remain a free nation, progressives must acknowledge that our past, present, and future as a nation are all imperfect. We must embrace our history and understand that suppressing it will not change the past. We need to focus on the future.

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