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Trump mocks Democrat debates in meeting with Angela Merkel



I’ll admit it. I didn’t watch the debate last night. I caught bits and pieces in passing, but it was my night to cook dinner. My wife offered to order out instead, but spending money for the sake of hearing the Democratic debate was not on my agenda.

I wasn’t alone. President Trump had more important things to deal with as well, such as meeting with world leaders. He, too, caught parts of the debate in passing and chose to offer that tidbit to Angela Merkel as they did a meet and greet for the press at the G20 Conference.

The part he caught happened to be the part I caught, in which all ten Democrats on stage offered healthcare to illegal immigrants. The President pounced, noting they were very eager to offer solutions to illegal immigrants but not to American citizens.

As Democrats continue to disregard real problems for American citizens in favor of addressing the problems of illegal immigrants, the tone is being set for next year’s election. It’s a strong message for the President and a safe bet for America.

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