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Why Medicare-for-All, including 11 million illegal immigrants, is untenable



Why Medicare-for-All including 11 million illegal immigrants is untenable

There is no way to defend it. Medicare-for-All, which would bring an end to private health insurance, would be quite literally the end of America as we know it. Obamacare was bad, but it was never the catastrophic demise of a free society that many conservatives thought it would be back in 2010. It was a precursor to the catastrophic demise of our free society, a clear step in the wrong direction, but it had one major advantage over Medicare-for-All. It worked WITH insurance providers, not against them.

I am no fan of health insurance companies who perpetuate the increasing costs of healthcare to justify their increasing premiums. They have their own shortcomings that should be dealt with, but the right way to do it is from the bottom up, not the top down. Medicare-for-All isn’t just starting from the top. It would break the ceiling of government expenditures and overreach in ways that we can barely fathom.

Following last night’s second half of the first Democratic debates, we were all told exactly what we knew was coming but didn’t want to hear. Not only are many of the candidates pushing for Medicare-for-All, including three of the five frontrunners, but ALL of the candidates are pushing to include illegal immigrants in their various healthcare solutions. Anyone who’s been paying attention knew it was coming, but seeing 10 out of 10 hands raised when asked if illegal immigrants would be given healthcare benefits was still a shock to the system.

It made one many happy, though.

Pragmatic conservatives will note that emergency care and life-saving treatments are already available to illegal immigrants, and preventative medicine should be as well. That case can be made, though I’m not going to make it. Instead, I want to focus on the reason the combination of Medicare-for-All plus illegal immigrants receiving it would be devastating to both the economy as well as the quality of healthcare itself.

Medicare-for-All already has a price tag that is surprisingly not too scary to some people. When it was revealed last year that the estimated cost was around $32 trillion over a decade, the conversation should have ended. But it didn’t. It has endured and those supporting it have doubled down by saying it will reduce healthcare costs. This is, of course, mathematically impossible. Even if you nearly tripled the tax on the rich, the total falls short by a couple of zeroes. And they know this. Bernie Sanders knows it. Kamala Harris knows it. Elizabeth Warren knows it. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may not know it, but she’ll keep pretending like she understands the scope nonetheless.

What they won’t tell you is the fact that the only way to make it work without destroying healthcare and the world economy in less than two years is if they inject Modern Monetary Theory into the equation. This inflation-driving theory has never worked, just like socialism. The fact that it won’t work doesn’t stop the radical progressives from pretending it will, just like socialism. And in reality, it would work… for a time. It could delay our demise as a nation by a few months, possibly even a couple of years. But as the world reserve currency, we will be dropped in a matter of weeks by the international community once we tell them the dollars they’re trading in aren’t actually worth what they were just a few weeks before.

All of this is known by economists, pundits, and cognizant journalists, but nobody’s discussing it, yet. The left doesn’t want it discussed because they want it implemented. The right doesn’t discuss it because they don’t believe it ever could be implemented. I fell into the latter category just a year ago, but in seeing the way hyper-leftist ideologies and policy proposals are starting to get a hold of many Democrats, I no longer consider it impossible. To do so would be to underestimate the lunacy and lack of adherence to logic the New Democratic Party has embraced.

But as untenable as Medicare-for-All is on its own demerits, the addition of illegal immigrants to the mix crushes any hope of survival. The number they like to use – 11 million – has been the same number they’ve used since 2006. I understand there have been deportations and deaths, but the rate of incursion far exceeds the rate of removal. I don’t buy into the 11 million number anymore, but we’ll use it since the “experts” have been sticking to that story for over a decade. With at least 11 million illegal immigrants and an average cost of around $96,000 for healthcare per decade, that puts the cost over a trillion dollars.

To put that into perspective, it will cost nearly as much money to provide Medicare-for-All to illegal immigrants over a decade as the total sum of American currency in circulation around the world today.

Americans have become desensitized to such high numbers. Many aren’t moved by the word “trillion” any more than the words “billion” or “million.” It all represents more money than we have, so it’s a lot. But the difference is exponential between a million and a trillion. It’s almost unfathomable how much money it will cost to make the government insure every illegal immigrant. And that’s why it’s imperative we all start educating our fellow Americans.

Like I said before, a conservative case can be made to assisting in the healthcare of everyone in America, including illegal immigrants. But we cannot add another incentive for people to continue to breach our borders. We will no longer be a sovereign nation if we don’t do something about the problem immediately. Offering Medicare-for-All is bad enough. Using it as a carrot to entice more illegal immigration is another nail in our coffin.

The clock starts now. It’s incumbent on every conservative to alert our friends, family, and anyone we influence about the real dangers of Medicare-for-All, especially offering it as enticement for illegal immigrants. Our future is in jeopardy. We must act.

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