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British judge decrees child aborted – UPDATE: Appeals court overturns decree



British judge decrees child aborted because mother has learning disability

Update: An appellate court overturned the decision!

Original Story:

The easiest way to see what values and policies the far-left in the United States will adopt in the future, just watch what the far-left in European nations do. As Europe goes, American progressives follow. That’s why the latest story of judicial overreach, disregarded human rights, and abortion-as-a-solution coming from the UK is so disconcerting.

A British judge has ordered a 22-week-pregnant woman to abort her child, citing the woman’s mental capacity as evidence she is unfit to provide financial support or make proper medical decisions. The woman, whose name is being withheld, has the mental capacity of a 6-8 year old, according to a report by the NY Times.

Here are some pertinent facts:

  • The woman has indicated she wants to have the child
  • The woman’s mother has indicated she will take care of the child
  • The judge is making the decision because she feels the woman would suffer trauma if the baby were taken away in the future


This is how the left dehumanizing preborn babies. They take a case in which the “best interests” of a woman with a learning disability supersede all other considerations. Her life is not in danger. She has the support of her mother, who is a lawyer, former social worker, and former midwife. The family wants to care for this child, but the potential hurt feelings of the mother in a hypothetical future situation in which the child must be taken away for some strange reason is all the judge is considering.

The judge is ordering the end of a life against the wishes of the family because of a hypothetical.

Forcing adoption, while a violation against the family, would be a solution that solves the made-up problems the judge has imposed to justify killing the child, but that isn’t even a consideration.

When governments can not only allow but decree when a child should be aborted, we should have zero doubt we’ve entered a very dangerous time in human history. It’s medieval, archaic thinking camouflaged by modern progressive sensibilities.

If progressives were truly compassionate, they’d be calling for the baby and the mother to be cared for instead of end one’s life and controlling the other’s.


“I am acutely conscious of the fact that for the state to order a woman to have a termination where it appears that she doesn’t want it is an immense intrusion.” – Judge Nathalie Lieven

Final Thoughts

Human rights are clearly being violated by this judge. The mother wants to have the baby. The mother’s mother wants to help care for the baby. The judge believes adoption would be too traumatic. Everything about this is infuriating.

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