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Google whistleblower blows the lid off the company’s political bias



Project Veritas released a video today. An employee from Google has stepped forward with confidential documents showing the company’s internal machine learning, or AI processes. Between live search demonstrations during the video and hidden camera discussions with Google’s Head of Responsible Innovation, Jen Gennai the political bias at the company is obvious. I strongly suggest you watch the entire video in the link above.

I use search engines as a tool. I use them to research information for the articles I write. I am interested in two things most of the time. Reliable, peer reviewed research and original sources, be it video, legislative text or other documents. A search engine is like a library used to be for me. I expect to find what I am looking for even if I need to go to the microfiche to find it.

What I learned today is that Goggle can no longer serve that purpose for me. I had started the transition to Brave browser and Duck Duck Go for search and this video convinced me I have made the right decision. I do not want the latest social justice or “fairness” inspired research when I search on cultural topics. I want the best information from the best sources.

I find it to be the absolute height of corporate arrogance that Google expects to trace just about every personal detail from my use of their product, only to manipulate what I am able to find easily on their service. As the whistleblower said, this type of viewpoint manipulation is something right out of Orwell’s 1984. I was shocked when they removed Patrick Moore, a founder of Greenpeace, from their search results. His sin? Not parroting the climate change narrative.

This was compounded when YouTube  what is estimated to be thousands of accounts. As of June 5th, this was the assessment of the actions the platform had taken:

  • Over 6,000 channels have been reviewed for any traces of hate speech, even as a potential.
  • More than 13,800 videos have been deleted, censored or flagged for any kind of remotely applicable claim.
  • 800+ channels have been totally deleted, demonetized or suspended indefinitely.  Streams have been interrupted and threats against providers have been made.
  • Twitter has been banning and suspending accounts related to the channels deleted on YouTube.
  • Twitter has also censored or deleted accounts that speak out in defense of such creators or users of either platform.

Some of the accounts affected were educational channels, independent journalists and creators as benign as a guy who made nature sounds videos. Videos were deleted, demonetized and some channels disappeared altogether. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the intent is to control what information citizens can locate easily and order the news ecosystem to prioritize left-wing narratives. Whether it is Jack Dorsey talking about “conversational health”, Facebook identifying “hate agents”, Google deciding what can happen in 2020 or Pinterest calling Live Action pornography, the goal is control.

“Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” – George Orwell, 1984

Control over the opinions you are allowed to hear. As noted in the video, it is even control over what information you see. Google considers Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal a conspiracy theory despite all factual evidence to the contrary. So if you want that information, you are going to have to dig a little deeper.

Now is absolutely the time for innovation outside of Silicon Valley. I can not believe they have cornered the market on technological revolutions. And this is one case where Tucker Carlson is absolutely correct. The technocrats are actively seeking to influence our elections and public discourse. With their current distribution, they are going to impact them far beyond anything Vladimir Putin ever dreamed of.